PhD Degree in Psychology (Clinical)

Drexel University offers the PhD degree in clinical psychology with the primary goal of training clinical psychologists in the scientist-practitioner model. This model places roughly equal emphasis on clinical research and the application of scientific principles, with an emphasis on the integration of psychological science and practice. Students receive an appropriate, broad education in preparation for entry-level practice in professional psychology. This education includes training in intervention and assessment, as well as an introduction to the science and practice of clinical psychology. The program is fully accredited by the American Psychological Association* (APA).

Clinical Concentrations

In addition to general clinical training (with an emphasis on cognitive-behavioral approaches to assessment and intervention), the Drexel program offers students the option to elect one of 4 concentrations within the clinical psychology curriculum:

Concentration training should not be considered all that is necessary to allow an individual to specialize in one of these areas. However, it should be regarded as specialty preparation training, allowing the student to continue later training that will eventually facilitate professional specialization.

The Clinical Psychology Program admits only full-time students. It is designed to be completed in 5 years, although students who enter with a Master’s degree may be able to complete all requirements in 4 years. Students work under the mentorship of one or two faculty members who serve as the incoming student’s advisors. For students who are admitted to work under two faculty members, one faculty member is established as the student’s major advisor, and the other as the student’s minor advisor. Consistent with our scientist-practitioner philosophy of training, our department and core adjunct faculty are involved in scholarly and professional activities in order to serve as appropriate mentors to our graduate students.

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