About the College


The College of Arts and Sciences is a place where varying perspectives meet. The College offers a wide range of degree programs taught by internationally-respected professors who will challenge you, befriend you, mentor you and motivate you to think independently and reach farther.

A Supportive Community

As a student in the College of Arts and Sciences, you’ll live and study in the intimate atmosphere of a small college with all the resources of a world-class research institution at your disposal. You’ll have the opportunity to gain valuable hands-on experience in your major, beginning in your freshman year. Small classes encourage active discussion and interaction. And our close-knit environment helps you build relationships that will carry over into your life after Drexel.

The Co-op Program

The College of Arts and Sciences offers something you won’t find at most other universities: Co-op. You’ll take your education outside of the classroom and into the real world, gaining résumé-enhancing, full-time work experience. Students in the College of Arts and Sciences co-op with industry leaders such as the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, Comcast, Johnson & Johnson, the Academy of Natural Sciences and the Philadelphia Eagles—to name only a few. Learn More.

Life in Philadelphia

Philadelphia is an amazing place to work, play, eat and live. The City's rich history, superb culture destinations, and top-ranked sports teams offer endless opportunities for intellectual enrichment and personal fun—from Independence Hall and the Franklin Institute to Reading Terminal and the Philadelphia Museum of Art. Plus, you'll find great co-op and post-grad job possibilities in the Greater Philadelphia area, where the business community is virtually unmatched in scope, scale, and specialty.

Mission Statement

By pursuing excellence in teaching, research and scholarship, we educate our students to become ethical professionals and citizens with knowledge of, and appreciation for, the fundamental interactions between the humanities, social sciences and the sciences in a fast changing, challenging, and diverse world.

History of the College of Arts and Sciences

Since Drexel's inception as the Drexel Institute of Art, Science and Industry in 1891, art and science have been recognized as the cornerstones of a superior education. This principle is evident in Drexel's seal, an equilateral triangle formed by Science and Industry at the sides and Art at the foundation; and in the medallions ornamenting Drexel’s earliest structure, the Main Building, which contain the busts of distinguished men who made extraordinary contributions to the arts and sciences.

The College of Arts and Sciences was established on July 1, 1990, with the merger of Drexel’s College of Sciences and College of Humanities and Social Sciences. The College assumes the charge to infuse the theme of art and science integration throughout the University. Through the sustained relevance of its superior programs, the College has earned a central role in the University and widespread recognition on a national level.