Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation Sciences Research and Teaching Facilities

Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation Sciences Research and Teaching Facilities are First Rate

 Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation Sciences Teaching Facilities

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  • Most classes are held in lecture halls, classrooms, or laboratories on the Center City (Health Sciences) Campus of Drexel University.
  • The entire campus has wireless capabilities for easy Internet access.
  • Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Sciences have two state-of-the-art laboratories where the clinical practice components of the professional curriculum are taught.
  • Included as part of the College is a standardized patient lab that utilizes paid actors to simulate various clinical situations while students' interactions with those "patients" are monitored by supervising faculty.
  • Teaching resources also include supported distance-learning technology. Instructional materials are provided through text, graphics, audio, and video formats and are available online through a course-management system 24 hours a day. Our online courses are highly interactive through the use of Web discussion boards and audio chat tools.
  • The DPT program uses various clinical sites to enhance the educational experience of the student. Some teaching sessions, including the content taught in the Clinical Practice Series, are conducted at places like Bryn Mawr Rehabilitation Hospital, Hahnemann University Hospital, Magee Rehabilitation Hospital, Philadelphia Nursing Home, United Cerebral Palsy of Philadelphia, 11th Street Family Health Services and in the Department of Intercollegiate Athletics at Drexel University. These experiences are in addition to the 38 weeks of clinical education the student will experience throughout the curriculum.

Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation Sciences Research Facilities

  • The department supports and maintains more than 2,000 square feet of research laboratories.
  • The motion-analysis lab contains a video-based motion analysis system with integrated EMG and in floor force plates. The neuromuscular performance lab is equipped with custom-built force measuring systems, l6-channel EMG system and electromagnetic tracking systems. The bone health lab is equipped with an integrated human performance measurement system. The pediatric research lab houses a conference room and data-entry computers.
  • Many of our faculty and students are involved in community-based research through our collaborations with CanChild Centre, Shriners Hospital, 11th Street Family Health Services, and early intervention providers. Faculty collaborate on research projects with nationaly and internationally known researchers on several multi-site funded projects.
  • Professional DPT students have the opportunity to work with faculty and PhD students on ongoing laboratory projects as part of the final project, a capstone experience for the curriculum.