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The Jennifer Quinlan Research Lab provides students an opportunity to examine critical issues related to Dietetics in a university research setting. Dr. Quinlan’s areas of focus include: food microbiology; microbiological quality and safety of produce, dairy and meat products in markets in high vs. low socioeconomics areas, Bacillus and Clostridium spores in food processing.

 Renata JacobRenata Jacob – M.S. Biology and Laboratory Technician

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Thesis title: “Microbial Quality of Ready-to-Eat Foods Available to Populations of Different Demographics.” (2010)

"The research goal of my thesis was to evaluate risks of foodborne illnesses associated with corner markets and convenience stores in census tracts of varying socioeconomic status and racial/ethnic groups of Philadelphia, PA. The research was based on a combination of microbiological sampling of potentially hazardous foods from the stores, recording of refrigeration temperatures and observed practices in those markets, utilizing an audit tool."

Link: Research of Renata Jacob (PDF)