Accelerated Career Entry BSN - ACE

If you already have a bachelor’s degree and want to enter the field of Nursing, the Accelerated Career Entry (ACE) Bachelor’s of Science in Nursing program is for you. It is designed for the adult learner and provides intensive immersion in Nursing science. It is available to recent graduates as well as those looking for a looking to prepare for a career with a projection of 26% growth – over 700,000 jobs – by the year 2020.

Drexel offers two schedule Accelerated Nursing BS program options to meet your needs:

ACE-BSN 11-month Daytime and Afternoon Option

ACE-BSN 11-month is a full-time nursing program for individuals that can commit to class and related course activity during the day 5 days a week.  The intensive course of study provides students the opportunity to fast-track their nursing career in four consecutive ten-week terms -- less than a year.

Please note - Saturday clinical may be required. The majority of program classes are held on campus.

ACE 24-month Evening and Weekend Option

ACE-BSN 24-month is a nursing program for individuals that can commit to class and related course activity during the evenings and weekends.  The combination of its on-line and in class structure provides flexibility as well as face-to-face connections with faculty and other students.   Students progress through as a cohort and complete the program in eight consecutive ten-week terms. 

Please note - Saturday and/or Sunday clinical is required. Students may not switch from 24-month to 11-month program. 


  • Bachelor’s degree in another discipline
  • English: 3 semester credits.
  • Chemistry with lab: 4 semester credits.
  • Developmental psychology: 3 semester credits.
  • Anatomy with lab*: 4 semester credits.
  • Physiology with lab*: 4 semester credits.
  • Microbiology with lab*: 4 semester credits.
  • Human nutrition: 3 semester credits.
  • Statistics: 3 semester credits

* Prerequisites for ACE-BSN 11 month and ACE-BSN 24month are the same.  We do not waive or substitute prerequisite courses.   Anatomy, physiology, and microbiology must be taken within five years prior to enrollment in ACE Program.

ACE-BSN 11-month and ACE-BSN 24-month Program highlights

  • For students that earned a bachelor’s degree and completed prerequisite coursework
  • 97-100% National Council Licensure Exam (NCLEX) pass rate
  • Potential eligibility to apply early for select MSN programs