Admission Requirements

R.N.–B.S.N. Completion Program

  • RN licensure (provisional acceptance will generally be offered pending successful completion of NCLEX-RN exam),
  • Official college transcripts,
  • College GPA of 2.0 or better,
  • High school degree or equivalent, and
  • To be eligible for admission to the bachelor of science in nursing program, students must have completed 60 hours of college prerequisites, as follows, with a grade of "C" or better. Students may transfer up to 90 credits. Remaining credits will be evaluated on an individual basis. To graduate, students must have completed 180 credits.

The 60 semester required hours include:

  • English (includes one semester of composition) 6.0
  • Humanities (studio courses not acceptable) 3.0
  • Anatomy and physiology 8.0
  • Microbiology 4.0
  • Sociology 3.0
  • Growth and development 3.0
  • Nursing 30.0

Articulation Credits

Graduates of National League for Nursing–accredited associate or diploma nursing programs who meet criteria of the Pennsylvania Nursing Articulation Model will receive credit for 30 semester hours of nursing, which may be applied toward the program entrance requirements.