Doctor of Philosophy in Creative Arts Therapies

The Ph.D. in Creative Arts Therapies is an innovative and unique research degree for art therapists, dance/movement therapists, and music therapists who are interested in focusing their careers on scholarly pursuits and academic leadership in their specific discipline. The primary mission of the program is the cultivation of scholars and academic leaders for the purpose of generating and disseminating substantive, quality research that ultimately contributes to  the development of best clinical practices, education, and  efficacy of the arts therapies fields.

The Cultivation of Scholars and Academic Leaders


The rationale for emphasizing the generation and dissemination of research through the cultivation of scholarship in the creative arts therapies is based upon the emergence and growth of the clinical practice of art therapy, dance/movement therapy, and music therapy over the past century. Implicit in the emergence and growth of these professions is the responsibility to critically evaluate, validate, and advance clinical practice through the cultivation of substantive research and the dissemination of the resulting knowledge. 

Multidisciplinary Context and Culture

The achievement of the scholarship goals in the Ph.D. Program in Creative Arts Therapies relies upon a strong emphasis on and commitment to the study of theory and practice of the creative arts therapies within a multi-disciplinary context and culture. The incorporation of the three creative arts disciplines of art therapy, dance/movement therapy, and music therapy in a multi-disciplinary degree program follows the same tradition of the master’s program. The tradition in the master’s, and now doctoral program, values and respects the identity of each discipline while simultaneously emphasizes the mutuality amongst disciplines for the purpose of establishing and articulating the fundamental epistemological and theoretical constructs that contribute to and legitimize clinical practice in the creative arts therapies.

Program Components

The Ph.D. program consists of four interactive learning modules.  
• Interdisciplinarity.
• Research.
• Self/Other Artistic Knowledge.
• Practicum.

Ph.D. Program in Creative Arts Therapies

Nancy Gerber

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