The student who enters the Dance major at Drexel University is an academically achieving student with a passion for dance. He or she is looking for extensive experiences to improve as a dancer, choreographer, and performer, while being interested in other areas of study offered by an outstanding university. This student wants to study dance —both physically and cognitively— while preparing for gainful employment after graduation.

The Dance major combines rigorous academic coursework with extensive stage and studio dance experiences. We feature an outstanding faculty of noted dancers and choreographers, and the Drexel Dance program is quite different from others in our emphasis on preparing our graduates for a variety of careers in dance and related subjects. We achieve this through Drexel’s outstanding co-op program which has all students working for six months in a job related to dance. We encourage our students to take one of the dozens of minors offered in the University be it business, film, art history or in other subjects that insure that our graduates receive a well-rounded education that best prepares them for successful careers and lives. Our program uniquely offers the option of three distinct tracks to career paths that combine an active engagement with dance with real world occupations that go beyond performance. Those are: dance/movement therapy, dance in education, and physical therapy. 

Students focused on dance/movement therapy prepare for jobs as dance/movement therapists—these students earn a BS degree in Dance during their first four years of study. They then have the option to do two additional years of study to earn an MA in Creative Arts in Therapy from the Hahnemann Creative Arts in Therapy program, through the College of Nursing and Health Professions at Drexel, in order to become a registered dance/movement therapist.

The second career focus, dance in education, prepares students for jobs as elementary school teachers (grades kindergarten through 4) who may also serve as school dance specialists. Students choosing this option will earn a BS degree in Dance and may elect to continue for a fifth year of study to earn an MS in the Science of Instruction through the Drexel School of Education. Students who successfully complete the five-year BS/MS option in education will then be recommended to the State for a Pennsylvania Teaching Certificate in the area of Elementary Education for K-4 certification in general education.

The third career focus, physical therapy, prepares students to work as physical therapists in a variety of settings, including hospitals, treatment centers, schools, and private practice. Students interested in the physical therapy option will complete the four-year BS degree in Dance along with a series of recommended electives in the physical sciences. After completion of the BS degree, students may opt to continue their education for an additional three years in the College of Nursing and Health Professions to earn a DPT and become a licensed physical therapist.

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