Art History Major

Art History Major

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The Art History Major is based on a solid curriculum in the history of art and is very flexible to enable students to tailor their coursework to fit their personal career aspirations. The program incorporates Drexel's nationally known co-op experience through which students, while pursuing their degree, can work for six months in relevant professional contexts such as museums, galleries, auctions houses, art foundations and publications. The goal of the Art History major is to provide an excellent interdisciplinary liberal arts education with a sound foundation in the history of visual arts and a strong competence in writing, research and critical thinking. The major will foster a hands-on approach, and will involve students in the close study of art objects from many museums in Philadelphia and from our own Drexel collection rich with European 19th century paintings and portraiture, the well-known Fox Historic Costume Collection, and the rotating contemporary art exhibits of the Leonard Pearlstein Gallery.

Students entering the Westphal College Art History program can opt for the following paths:

Art History Major - BA
A solid undergraduate degree that prepares students for a variety of art related careers, graduate studies in the humanities and professional programs such as law, architecture or medicine.

Art History as a dual Major - BS
The curriculum is designed with great flexibility to enable students to pursue an additional degree in one of the University's more than 80 majors without extending their time at the University.

Art History Major combined with Master in Arts Administration or Museum Leadership - BA + MS
The four-year Art History degree leads directly into the Westphal College Masters programs in Arts Administration or Museum Leadership.

Minor in Art History

The Leonard Pearlstein Gallery

Minor in Fine Arts