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Drexel Psychological Services Center 

The Drexel Psychological Services Center

The Drexel Psychological Services Center (PSC) is a training facility, run by the Department of Psychology, whose goals are to offer high-quality training to clinical psychology doctoral students at Drexel University, as well as provide cutting edge, scientifically informed treatments to clients in Philadelphia and surrounding areas at affordable rates.

Recent News

Art Nezu

Art Nezu Appointed to APA JARS II Task Force

October 06, 2015

Dr. Art Nezu, Distinguished University Professor of Psychology, was recently appointed to the American Psychological Association's (APA) JARS II Task Force.<... Read More »

USAF Nezus

Chris and Art Nezu Present at U.S. Air Force Suicide Prevention Summit

October 06, 2015

Drs. Arthur Nezu and Christine Maguth Nezu Recently presented an invited talk at the U.S Air Force Suicide Prevention Summit which was held at Joint Base And... Read More »


Caterina Mosti Receives Emily Reid O'Connor Memorial Fellowship

October 01, 2015

Caterina Mosti, MS, was awarded the second Emily Reid O’Connor Memorial Fellowship. Emily was a first year Clinical PhD student in the Neuropsychology Concen... Read More »

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