Kacz Lecture crowd

20th Annual Kaczmarczik Lecture

Each year, the Drexel University Physics Department hosts the Kaczmarczik Lecture featuring a Nobel Prize winner or other renowned scientist. It is typically held in late March, is open to the general public, and features a Physics Department Open House.

American Physics Society Logo

April American Physics Society (APS) Meeting

SPS members will attend the 2015 April APS conference in Baltimore, Maryland, to present current research supported by a Sigma Pi Sigma Undergraduate Research Award.

Zone Conference poster session

SPS National Zone 3 Conference

The SPS National Zone Conferences are held annually and provide an opportunity for local SPS chapters to network, exchange ideas, and present student research.

Past Events

Research Talks

Michelle Dolinski

Michelle Dolinski, PhD

Each term, SPS invites at least one Drexel faculty member to present a talk about their current research. This is a great way to get to know the faculty we may not have a class with and to learn about the exciting research that’s currently going on at Drexel.

Recent talks have been given by Dr. Michelle Dolinski (cryogenic neutrino detections), Dr. Luis Cruz Cruz (Alzheimer’s research and aging in monkey brains), and Dr. Goran Karapetrov (vortices in type II superconductors). .  We have had such speakers as Dr. Michelle Dolinski (cryogenic neutrino detections), Dr. Cruz (Alzheimer’s research and aging in monkey brains), and Dr. Karapetrov (vortices in type II superconductors).

Student Talks

SPS also encourages our members to present short talks on their research (from STAR or co-op) or on a topic of particular interest to them (related to physics, i.e. the physics of rock climbing). It’s a good opportunity to practice giving talks!

Restaurant Trips

Restaurant trips are one of SPS’s main social events, and we try to hold one per academic term. In the past, we’ve tried restaurants like The Devil’s Alley, Sangkee Noodle House, Buca di Beppo, Copabana, Percy Street Barbecue, and Shake Shack. Although not funded by SPS, they’re a great way to try new food and meet new people.

Game and Movie Nights

SPS also tries to hold at least one game or movie night per academic term. We typically hold game nights in the North Hall game room which features ping pong, pool, foosball, and TV in addition to our own board and card games. When we hold movie nights, we usually try to choose something with some sort of physics theme. In the past, we’ve watched Memento and Primer.

National Conferences

Occasionally, SPS will organize to attend a national conference as a group. Last year, we attended the SPS National 2012 Quadrennial Physics Congress, the SPS National Zone 3 Meeting, and the American Physical Society’s March Meeting. Our members also attend and present research at conferences such as the American Astronomical Society’s Winter Meeting and the APS Division of Nuclear Physics Conference.

2013 SPS National Zone 3 Conference

Sarah Demers talking with students

Drexel SPS was honored to host the joint 2013 SPS National Zone 3 and Southeastern PA American Association of Physics Teachers Spring Meeting. The meeting featured workshops by Drexel faculty, student research presentations, and invited talks by Ken Fink, President and Founder of Whatergy, Inc., and Dr. Sarah Demers, Assistant Professor at Yale University.