About the Lindy Center for Civic Engagement

Mission statement:
Drexel University’s Lindy Center for Civic Engagement promotes the ideals of social responsibility and public service by facilitating community based experiential learning for students, faculty, and staff. Through collaborations with the community, we improve the public good on the local, national, and global levels while enriching the scholarship and character of Drexel through enhanced education.

Vision Statement:
The Lindy Center for Civic Engagement exists to fulfill Drexel University’s vision as a comprehensive, progressive university with a deep commitment to civic engagement. While we serve as a nexus to catalogue the university’s civic engagement activities as consistent with the strategic plan, our vision goes beyond to promote scholarship, engagement, and community. Our contributions to the university community and the greater public good will be recognized nationally.

The Lindy Center will collaborate with schools and colleges across the university to guide scholarship and research in the areas of civic engagement and community-based experiential learning. This includes providing support for faculty in courses conducting participatory and action-oriented activities. Overall, we will integrate the value of civic engagement more fully into campus education programs to enhance learning environments at the university.

The Lindy Center will provide meaningful and high-quality civic engagement opportunities for every Drexel student. We support students as distinguished leaders in the area of public service. To this end we nurture a cadre of students at every level to enrich their education while serving the public good. Our focus is to provide experiences that leave every Drexel student believing that the ideals of social responsibility can be integrated into their careers.

The Lindy Center is part of Drexel University’s role as a positive contributor to the quality of life in the region. Our consistent relationships within the wider community impact upon the pressing social issues affecting our region and are sources for engaged scholarship for faculty and enhanced learning for students. We develop community partnerships so that every Drexel student will recognize the benefits of public service to their education, their career, and to society.