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Delaware Valley Science Fairs
Advisory Board

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Executive Director & Chairman

Henry Disston, Jr., Drexel University

Directors of Education

Richard Close, Outreach
Sue Johnston, Teacher Development
Sheila Romine, Communications & Mentorship

Director, Special Awards/Volunteers:

Mickey Disston, Drexel University


John Disston, Delaware Valley Science Fairs


Thomas Anderson, Temple University/George Washington Carver Science Fair
Nancy Anderson, Salem County Science Fair
Lee C. Bennett, Delaware Valley Science Fairs, (retired)
Mary Rita Bonner, East Coventry Elementary School/Chester County Science Fair
Gary Butler, Coriell Institute Science Fair
Wendy Byar, Coriell Institute Science Fair
Dick Close, Montgomery County Science Research Competition 
Ken Donaldson, Homeschool Educator
Kathy Fadigan, Penn State University/ George Washington Carver Fair
Dominic Fedele, Baldi / Pennypack Environmental Center/PA Junior Academy of Science
Michael Fowler, Central High School
Helen Gieske, Sussex County Science Fair
Robert Haines, Lehigh Valley Science & Engineering Fair
Ron Burkhardt, Salem County Science Fair/Salem County Community College
Ambra Hook, Philadelphia School District / George Washington Carver Science Fair
Cathy Jaggard, Jersey Shore Science Fair
Sue Johnston, Delaware Valley Science Fairs
Darlene Jones, Bucks County Science Research Competition
Jacquelyn Jones, Kent County Science Fair/Delaware State University
Courtney Kronenthal, Coriell Institute Science Fair
Bethany Lau, Cherry Hill East High School
Melody Leithold, North Penn High School
Ana-Rita Mayol, Delaware Valley Science Fairs
Roger Mecouch, Devon Prep/ Delaware County Science Fair
Suzanne Mecouch, Marple Newtown School District/ Delaware County Science Fair
Phil Rittenhouse, Montgomery County Science Research Competition
Michael Roche, High Technology High School, Jersey Shore Science Fair
Sheila Romine, Delaware Valley Science Fairs/Mentorship Program
John Porter, University of the Sciences in Philadelphia
Becky Sheridan, Cheltenham High School
Rob Schroeder, Sussex County Science Fair
Jennifer Shealy, Chester County Intermediate Unit/Chester County Science Research Competition
Jerry Stein, Coriell Institute Science Fair
Joyce Stein, Coriell Institute Science Fair
Rich Taylor, Cumberland County Science Fair/Cumberland County College