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Delaware Valley Science Fairs
Advisory Board

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Executive Director & Chairman

Henry Disston, Jr., Drexel University

Directors of Education

Richard Close, Outreach
Barbara Lorenzon, Education
Sue Johnston, Teacher Development
Sheila Romine, Mentorship

Special Awards/Office Manager:

Mickey Disston, Drexel University


John Disston, Delaware Valley Science Fairs


Thomas Anderson, Temple University/George Washington Carver Science Fair
Nancy Anderson, Salem County Science Fair
Lee C. Bennett, Delaware Valley Science Fairs, (retired)
Mary Rita Bonner, East Coventry Elementary School/Chester County Science Fair
Gary Butler, Coriell Institute Science Fair
Wendy Byar, Coriell Institute Science Fair
Domonique Carter, Delaware Technical Community College/New Castle Science Expo
Veronica Chainey, Cumberland County Science Fair/Cumberland County College
Dick Close, Montgomery County Science Research Competition 
Ken Donaldson, Homeschool Educator
Kathy Fadigan, Penn State University/ George Washington Carver Fair
Dominic Fedele, Baldi / Pennypack Environmental Center/PA Junior Academy of Science
Michael Fowler, Central High School
Helen Gieske, Sussex County Science Fair
Robert Haines, Lehigh Valley Science & Engineering Fair
Ron Burkhardt, Salem County Science Fair/Salem County Community College
Ambra Hook, Philadelphia School District / George Washington Carver Science Fair
Cathy Jaggard, Jersey Shore Science Fair
David Jarvie, Chester County Science Research Competition
Sue Johnston, Germantown Academy/PA Junior Academy of Science
Darlene Jones, Bucks County Science Research Competition
Jacquelyn Jones, Kent County Science Fair/Delaware State University
Courtney Kronenthal, Coriell Institute Science Fair
Bethany Lau, Cherry Hill East High School
Melody Leithold, North Penn High School
Ana-Rita Mayol, Delaware State University/Kent County Science Fair
Roger Mecouch, Devon Prep/ Delaware County Science Fair
Suzanne Mecouch, Marple Newtown School District/ Delaware County Science Fair
Phil Rittenhouse, Montgomery County Science Research Competition
Michael Roche, High Technology High School, Jersey Shore Science Fair
Sheila Romine, Delaware Valley Science Fairs/Mentorship Program
John Porter, University of the Sciences in Philadelphia
Bill Rissinger, Bucks County Science Research Comp
Becky Sheridan, Cheltenham High School/PA Junior Academy of Science
Rob Schroeder, Sussex County Science Fair
Jennifer Shealy, Chester County Intermediate Unit/Chester County Science Research Competition
Jerry Stein, Coriell Institute Science Fair
Joyce Stein, Coriell Institute Science Fair
Rich Taylor, Cumberland County Science Fair/Cumberland County College
Patricia Warriner, Delaware Technical and Community College/New Castle County Science Expo