Diane Sicotte, PhD

Associate Professor of Sociology

Diane Sicotte

Office: 3600 Market Street, Rm 728
Phone: 215.895.2264

Curriculum Vitae:

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  • BS, Sociology, Portland State University
  • MA, Sociology, Arizona State University
  • PhD, Sociology, Arizona State University, 2003

Research and Teaching Interests

  • Environmental Sociology
  • Environmental inequality and injustice (using both qualitative historical and quantitative geographical methods)
  • Political Sociology
  • Social Stratification and Inequality
  • Urban social inequalities of race, class and gender

Research Projects

  • 2010 Principal Investigator – The Making of Environmental Injustice in Greater Philadelphia.
  • 2009 Principal Investigator – Cumulative Environmental Hazards in the Philadelphia MSA.


Diane Sicotte is an environmental sociologist with research interests in environmental injustice and inequality. She combines sociological research methods with geographic and historical methods to investigate the role of race/ethnicity, social class, labor and waste disposal technologies in the development of environmental inequalities.

She is currently completing a book which traces the formation of environmental inequality throughout the history of the Philadelphia area.

Selected Publications

  • From Workshop to Waste Magnet: Environmental Inequality Formation in the Philadelphia Area book manuscript in preparation (under contract with Rutgers University Press; expected completion March 2015).
  • Sicotte, Diane. 2014. “Diversity and Intersectionality among Environmentally Burdened Communities in Philadelphia MSA, USA.” Urban Studies, 51, 9: 1850-1870.
  • Sicotte, Diane. 2012. “Saving Ourselves by Acting Locally: Environmental Justice Activism in The Philadelphia Area, 1981-2001,” Pp. 231-249 in Brian Black and Michael J. Chiarappa (editors), Nature’s Entrepot: Philadelphia’s Urban Sphere and its Environmental Thresholds. University of Pittsburgh Press.
  • Sicotte, Diane. 2010. “Some More Polluted Than Others: Unequal Cumulative Industrial Hazard Burdens in the Philadelphia MSA, USA.” Local Environment, 15, 8: 761-774.
  • Sicotte, Diane. 2010. “Don’t Waste Us: Environmental Justice through Urban Planning in Philadelphia, USA.” Environmental Justice, 3, 1: 1-5.
  • Sicotte, Diane. 2009. “Power, Profit and Pollution: The Persistence of Environmental Injustice in a Company Town.” Human Ecology Review, 16, 2: 141-150.
  • Sicotte, Diane. 2008. “Dealing in Toxins on the Wrong Side of the Tracks: Lessons from a Hazardous Waste Controversy in Phoenix.” Social Science Quarterly, 89, 5: 1136 – 1151.