Accelerated BS/MS Degree

Students in certain programs at Drexel can complete both a BS or BA degree and an MS degree in five years by "accelerating" the completion of undergraduate courses, allowing students to take graduate courses in their fourth and fifth years. Eligible students who want to obtain both degrees can typically save a year of time through an accelerated program.

The Department of Culture and Communication offers two accelerated degrees for qualified communication students
  • Accelerated BS/BA in Communication + MS in Communication
  • Accelerated BS/BA in Communication + MS in Publication Management
Students may apply for admission into the BS/MS Accelerated Degree program after 90 credits but no more than 120 credits towards their BS degree. Qualified students can take graduate courses in their junior and senior years for undergraduate or graduate credit.

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Further questions about the BS/MS degree program should be directed to the departmental graduate advisor:

Ronald Bishop
Graduate Director