Candice Roberts

Candice Roberts

Office: PSA 306
Phone: 215.895.2890

Research and Teaching Interests

  • Popular and Consumer Culture
  • New Media and Hybrid Communities
  • Archetypes and Narrative Structure in Contemporary Media
  • Branding and Brand Personality
  • Environmental Studies
  • Fame and Celebrity

Courses Taught

  • Techniques of Speaking
  • Principles of Communication
  • Film, Celebrity & the Environmental Movement (with Dr. Susan Stein)
  • Anthropology of Cyberspace (with Dr. Wesley Shumar)
  • Media Anthropology (with Dr. Brent Luvaas)
  • General Speech
  • Introduction to Theatre


With a background that includes psychology and theatre, Candice Roberts has always been interested in human behavior and the ways in which people interact and identities are performed. She soon discovered that the field of communication encompasses many exciting theories and areas that allow her to take an interdisciplinary approach to exploring these phenomena. While obtaining her master’s degree, Roberts focused on mass media and communication theory as well as a cultural narrative cognate in which she blended courses from sociology, anthropology and performance studies in order to realize the connections between the evolution of media and the cultural stories we tell and the dialogue linking what we consume and who we are.

Since coming to Drexel, Roberts has also become interested in the cultural narratives of hybrid collectives, or communities that operate both face-to-face and online. She studies CouchSurfing, in particular, and is pursuing dissertation work that looks at the CouchSurfing community using both social network analysis and ethnographic techniques. In the broader scope, she wants to examine other similar collectives taking shape in the digital era and how they function as a result of their social-cyber fusion.

As a young communication scholar, Roberts hopes to continue to bridge the gap between more traditional mass communication and new media studies in popular culture by finding an academic home (like CCM!) that will embrace her multi-methodological and highly interdisciplinary approach to social science.

Selected Publications

  • Roberts, C. & Stein, S. “Eco Heroes and Eco Villains: An Archetypal Analysis of Characters in Environmental Film, 1950-2010.” Annual meeting of the Association for Environmental Studies and Sciences, Burlington, VT. June 23-26, 2011.
  • Roberts, C. “CouchSurfer as Progressive Tourist: New Mobility Theories of Post-Modern Tourism through Online Hospitality Networks.” Joint conference for the Popular Culture Association and American Culture Association, San Antonio, TX. April 20-23, 2011.
  • Roberts, C. and Marshall, S. (2011). “Exploring Brand Personalities through Archetypes.” Manuscript under review.