Theodore Katerinakis

Theodore Katerinakis

Office: PSA 306
Phone: 215.895.2890


  • Ptychion (4-year), Applied Informatics, Athens University of Economics & Business, 1993.  Thesis: Multiple Criteria Decision Aid & Multiple Criteria Decision Making
  • MSc, Communication Science, Drexel University, 2009.  Katerinakis, T. A. MS Portfolio in Social Networks, Ethics, and International Negotiations available in Drexel Hagerty Library at, 2010.

Research and Teaching Interests

  • Aviation Communication, Language and Conversation Analysis in Air Traffic Management
  • Social Network Analysis and Community Transactional Ethics
  • Information Theory and Systems Analysis, Document Value and Workflow
  • Social Economy, Cooperative Banking, Regional & Island Economics and Development
  • Science, Language and Software Translation/Localization/Popularization, Greek Etymology and Terminology
  • Human Resources Training, Recruiting & Evaluation

Courses Taught

  • Regional Studies in Economic Policy & International Business (INTB338/IAS390)
  • Research Methods I (SOC250)
  • Principles of Communication (COM111)
  • Elementary Modern Greek I and II (GREC101, GREC102)
  • Elementary Modern Greek III (GREC103), Intermediate Modern Greek (GREC201)
  • Communicate in Greek: Philoxenia (GREC 280)
  • Greek and Cretan History, Economy and Society (GREC 380, GREC313)
  • Crete Through the Looking Glass (ANTH340)
  • Cretan Civilization: Unraveling Ariadne's Thread (IAS360)
  • Drexel Study Abroad in Crete, Co-Instructor at


Born in Chania, in the island of Crete, Greece, studied information science in Athens University of Economics & Business, and served also as a researcher, tutor and editorial coordinator. Attended scientific and postgraduate courses in NRCPS Demokritos and Technical University of Crete. Served in Ministerial Committees, EU Programme STRIDE, the Greek Air Force General Staff/Information Center and 115CW/COC during the Greek- Turkish Imia crisis of 1996, and liaised for US Naval Support Activity Souda Bay receiving a USN citation. Has substantial professional career of 10+ years as a Bank Executive, Auditor, Head of Personnel Recruiting, Organization and BoD Consultant, and Head of the Document Management System in Cooperative Bank of Chania coordinating the “paperless” banking operation. Also, served in the Editorial Committee of Scientific American (Greek Edition) till 2008. In Drexel since 2007, participates as Program Assistant in the unique for US Universities “Drexel Study Abroad in Crete”, has gained a diverse exposure in teaching for Culture & Communication, Greek Studies, International Business, and in hybrid format for Drexel Abroad as well as co-directing independent studies, while created a diverse portfolio of video lectures in Drexel Dragon Drop Digital Library.

Selected Publications

  • Katerinakis T., and Hnaraki M. (eds). CEOsʼ Leadership and Global Insights. 10 Master Classes DVD. Drexel Greek Studies Program- IRT/VCAV Team-Zorba Press, Ithaca NY, 2014.
  • Katerinakis T., Papadopoulos N., and Zouroudi D. Aviation Terminology: Literal Sense, Safety and Semantic-oriented Translatology in Greek Aviation Communication. In Kontos P., Anastasiadi- Symeonidi A., Katsogiannou M., Valeontis K. (Eds) Proceedings of Hellenic Language and Terminology, Hellenic Society for Terminology, Athens, Greece, 2013.
  • Katerinakis T.A,. Ethos Meets Pathos in Cooperative Banking: The Social Network Foundation of Locality Insulates “Market” and “Trust” in an Era of Crisis. In Brazda Johann, Dellinger Markus, Rößl Dietmar (Hrsg.=Eds.): Genossenschaften im Fokus einer neuen Wirtschaftspolitik; Länderstudien (Cooperatives in the Focus of a New Economic Policy; Countries) - Bericht der XVII. Internationalen Genossenschaftswissenschaftlichen Tagung in Wien. Berlin et al.: LIT Verlag (2013,, also as E-Book)
  • Katerinakis, T. A. Homo Dictyous Transforms Homo Oeconomicus: Social Network Culture of Hellenic Cooperative Banking in Crete. In Goglio, S. and Alexopoulos, Y. (Eds), Financial Cooperatives and Local Development. Routledge London (2012,
  • Katerinakis, T. A. The Atypical Case of Cooperative Banking. In Spitzeck, H., Pirson M., and Dierksmeier C. (Eds.) Banking with Integrity - The winners of the financial crisis?. Palgrave Macmillan, New York (2012,
  • Katerinakis, T. A. Greece and Networks. In Barnett, G. (Ed.) Encyclopedia of Social Networks, Sage Publications (2011,
  • Katerinakis, T. A. Network Indicators. In Barnett, G. (Ed.) Encyclopedia of Social Networks, Sage Publications (2011,
  • Katerinakis, T.A. Economist Logion, I. Sideris Publishers, Athens, Greece. 2003.
  • Katharios G.D. and Katerinakis T. A (Eds). Guarantee Letters in Modern Banking Practice. Stamoulis Publications- CBC- M. Georvasakis OE- Publishing, Chania, Greece, 1998.
  • Katerinakis, T.A. Computer Organization & High Performance Processors, New Technologies Publications, Athens, Greece, 1994.