Drexel Edits


Formal messages have been foundational to American democracy. The architects of the US Constitution and the speechwriters for US presidents have depended on good writing and editing. Well written and edited texts are no less important for individual US citizens and community organizations who live and flourish within democratic institutions. Drexel Edits was founded to support nonprofit organizations with their formal messages.

About the Organization

Public Outreach

Drexel Edits offers pro-bono editing services to nonprofit organizations in the neighborhoods that border Drexel University. We also offer workshops and public talks on topics related to nonprofit communication. Drexel Edits has a team of volunteer editors who can edit and consult on the following types of document:

  • Grant proposals
  • Donor appeals
  • Reports
  • Policies and procedures
  • Public relations and social media
  • Strategic plans


In order to help the relevant research disciplines to study and inform the practice of nonprofit communication, Drexel Edits, primarily through its director, publishes occasional scholarly papers.


Drexel Edits offers occasional courses through the Culture and Communication Department including special topics in nonprofit communications and communications for civic engagement. Drexel Edits has also designed an undergraduate minor concentration in nonprofit communication for the Communication program.