Glass Blowing Shop

Location: Disque Hall, Room 113

The glassblowing shop can meet all of your needs for repair, modification and custom design of scientific glass apparatus in pyrex or quartz. In addition, the glass shop can reproduce standard catalog glassware to your specifications. Drawings of your ideas are not necessary. Set up an appointment to explore the possibilities.


  • Cutting to shape and drilling of holes in glass or quartz plate, rod or tubing.
  • Encapsulation of specimens in pyrex or quartz under vacuum or back filled.
  • Fabrication of tungsten-to-glass seals for electrical leads through glass.
  • Molding of quartz or glass.
  • Fabrication of glass or quartz glassware.
  • Repair of apparatus.
  • Glass or quartz consultation.

The shop is staffed by Thomas Cachaza, a Master Glassblower with 40 years of experience in the manufacture of custom glassware. Please do not hesitate to call, e-mail or fax him with questions about your glassware needs.

Thomas Cachaza

Phone: 215.895.2661
Fax: 215.222.4359