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Recent News

Jennifer Stanford, PhD and Daniel Marenda, PhD

Jennifer Stanford and Daniel Marenda Awarded an NSF NRT Grant

September 08, 2015
Jennifer Stanford, PhD and Daniel Marenda, PhD were awarded an NSF NRT grant.... Read More »
Elias Spiliotis, PhD

Elias Spiliotis Featured in The Journal of Cell Biology

August 17, 2015
Elias Spiliotis, PhD is featured in the People & Ideas column of The Journal of Cell Biology... Read More »
Rivas - Bushmeat Market

Where Commerce and Conservation Clash: Bushmeat Trade Grows with Economic Prosperity in 13-Year Study

August 03, 2015
The bushmeat market in the city of Malabo is bustling—more so today than it was nearly two decades ago, when Gail Hearn, PhD, began what is now one of the regio... Read More »

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