New Options for Still-Deciding Students

New Options for Still-Deciding Students


The Westphal College of Media Arts & Design is now offering Still-Deciding Students an exciting new option in applying to our school that allows them to explore the wide range of our academic programs. The Freshman Design Portal and Freshman Media Portal were designed as a point-of-entry for prospective students who know they want to study creative disciplines at Westphal, but aren’t sure which of our 15 undergraduate programs is right for them. These options give students the ability to enroll in their freshman year of college and take courses that will help them discover their major without losing valuable time and money.

Still-Deciding students can now move seamlessly into their chosen major at the beginning of the sophomore year without losing graduation credits in the process. And, as part of the plan of study, they’ll be enrolled in a custom-designed course that requires them to sit in on classes in our various majors. These classes are required for our majors, or serve as an introduction to them. As a Still-Deciding student, you'll also be able choose electives that fall under either the design or media categories. These electives will also give you the chance to experience classes in specific programs that might interest you.

All students in the Freshman Design and Media Portals will participate in The Drexel Experience, a freshman seminar that includes academic and career advising, as well as presentations from Westphal professors, and lots of good sound advice about college life. Students who apply via the Design or Media Portals continue to explore options for two terms of their freshman year before selecting their major in the spring term. Most Westphal students complete their degrees in four years including six months spent in a Drexel Co-op Experience.

To find out more about these new portals for Still-Deciding Students, contact Tia James, Assistant Director of Recruitment at 215-895-1834 (email:

Frequently Asked Questions

What about majors that do not take transfer or change-of-major students?

Architecture 2+4 and Music Industry remain unavailable to transfer, change-of-major and still deciding students.

Which majors can the still deciding students move into in their second year?

Animation & Visual Effects, Dance, Design & Merchandising, Entertainment & Arts Management, Fashion Design, Film & Video, Game Art & Production, Graphic Design, Interior Design, Photography, Screenwriting & Playwriting, Television, Interactive Media Design.

Who decides if still-deciding students get into a major?

Change-of-major is at the discretion of the program directors.

What happens if a student fails to meet the GPA requirement of their intended major?

Still-deciding students must meet the same GPA requirements to change into a major as anyone else on campus. Any student denied entry into a program for academic reasons must improve his/her GPA and reapply. Students will have the opportunity to improve their GPA in the Goodwin College's General Studies Program.

What if a student is unable to change his/her major due to lack of space?

Students will have to select a first and second choice major. If the first choice is unavailable, they will move on to their second choice. Still-deciding students are not guaranteed entry into any particular major in their second year.

Program Policies and Procedures

  • The College Recruitment Office will review applications for the option. Admissions requirements will be average Westphal requirements (GPA- 3.0 /SAT- 1100).
  • Still-Deciding Students will be enrolled in a special three-term UNIV101 section. Here they will received extensive career counseling/assement provided by the Career Development Center. They will receive comprehensive orientation to their academic options at Drexel from College academic advisors and program directors.
  • Students must meet Westphal academic standards (minimum college GPA 2.8) and follow procedures for change-of-major students when electing to transfer into a major. Change-of-major procedures will require an interview with the respective program director and a portfolio review for majors that require one. This must occur by the end of the freshman year.
  • All change-of-major decisions will be made by the program directors.
  • Students will meet with an academic advisor at the end of the winter term to discuss possible majors they are considering. Students will then meet with the program directors of the majors they are considering.
  • Students will submit a 1st and 2nd choice major no later than middle of the spring term of their freshman year.
  • Students who decide on a major before spring term can enter their new major during their freshman year, if there is space in the major.
  • It is anticipated most students will complete their degrees in four years. Some students electing Fashion Design could take five years to complete their degrees.
  • Music Industry and Architecture 2+4 are unavailable to students in this option.