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Game Art & Production

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The Game Art & Production Major of the Digital Media Program, ranked among the top four U.S. gaming programs by The Princeton Review, combines a strong comprehension of animation and interactivity, along with an understanding of design and programming. Our B.S. in Game Art & Production mirrors a sector that has seen an explosion not just in consumer gaming, but also throughout the corporate enterprise world. 

The gaming industry has grown from just a source of entertainment to one that also encompasses the use of "serious gaming," where gaming technologies are used in education and training. Fully immersive games now use new methods of interaction, such as multi-touch displays, motion control and haptic devices. 

To best prepare students for the demands of careers in these cutting-edge disciplines, students pursue a foundation of design and technology, taking core courses in all aspects of digital media, completing a six month co-op and delving into rigorous coursework in many areas of specialization. To complement the creative focus of the new Game Art & Production Major, a sister concentration in Game Programming and Development will be offered as part of the Computer Science Major. 

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