The Robert and Penny Fox Historic Costume Collection

The Robert and Penny Fox Historic Costume Collection

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The Robert and Penny Fox Historic Costume Collection (FHCC) was formed to serve as an educational resource for the students of Drexel University. Through the remarkable generosity of our donors, the collection has become one of the finest teaching collections in the United States. Our mission as a University-based collection is to educate and inspire, while providing a significant resource for an ever-expanding community of historians, scholars, artists, and designers. Westphal College’s new URBN Center facility has greatly improved the accessibility and visibility of the FHCC and allowed us to honor A. J. Drexel’s original educational intent in taking a leadership role in research and scholarship, while preserving the collection for future generations of researchers and admirers.

The FHCC has been featured in exhibits such as, A Legacy of Art, Science & Industry: Highlights from the Drexel Collection, Rest Your Feet, and Brave New World: Fashion & Freedom, 1911-1919 in conjunction with the Philadelphia International Festival of the Arts (PIFA). 

Click Here to download the Brave New World: Fashion & Freedom, 1911-1919 Brochure

"Walking into the 3,000-square-foot space is like entering a chilly (the clothes need to be kept at 65 degrees), sterile science lab. Curators are required to wear gloves. Absolutely no pens allowed. The 10-foot-tall, compact-storage units look more like bank vaults than closets. Yet the moment Sauro opens one of the massive units filled with 256 years of dresses, cloaks, undergarments, hats, gloves, shoes, and purses, the space comes alive" Click here to read this article.

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