Application for Intensive English and Global Business English Programs

Important:  We are currently unable to accept applications from students with SACM scholarships or students who plan to apply for SACM scholarships.

Applying to study at Drexel ELC is easy!  Just do the following:

  1. Complete this form.
  2. Pay the $100 application fee and $60 Express Mail fee (if applicable) using the link below.
    • The application fee is not refundable.
    • You do NOT need to pay the Express Mail fee if you are an authorized recruiting agent OR if you are a transfer student and will receive your new I-20 after you arrive at Drexel ELC.
  3. Click the "Submit Your Application" button to send your application to Drexel ELC.
  4. Send all your required documents to Drexel ELC so that we can process your application. Required documents include:

To apply for the International Gateway program, click here.

Student Information

You must be at least 18 years old to study at Drexel ELC.

Male Female

Agents can provide an email address below.

Permanent (legal) Address in your home country:

(You must provide this information even if you are now in the US.)

I-20 Information

Most students need an F-1 (student) visa to study in the US. To get your visa, you will need an I-20 form from Drexel ELC. If you are not sure if you need a student visa, or if you want to study less than full time (21 hours), email before you complete this application.

Yes No

Yes No

Applicants who are not in the US or who will return to their country before beginning their study at Drexel ELC will need their I-20s sent to them in another country.

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I-20 Mailing Address:

Please complete this section, even if this is the same as your permanent address.

Agent Information

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Enrollment Information

(GLOBE participants must have university degrees and place into ELC level 4 for Speaking and Writing. Otherwise you can study in the Intensive English program.) Do NOT use this application for the International Gateway program.

Select the date that you want to begin your studies:

Tuition and Fees

For current tuition and fee information, please visit our Tuition and fees page.


To apply for housing, please visit our Housing page.

Other Information

Application Fee and Express Mail Fee

A nonrefundable $100 application fee (payable by credit card) is required with this application. Please use the button below to pay the application fee. Your application is not valid without this payment.
You must also pay a nonrefundable $60 Express Mail fee to have your I-20 sent to you by express mail. You do not need to pay this fee if you are an authorized recruiting agent OR if you are a transfer student and will receive your new I-20 when you arrive at Drexel ELC.

Additional Requirements

After you submit this application, be sure to send the other required documents to Drexel ELC in order to receive your acceptance materials and I-20 form.

Terms and Conditions

Please read the following terms and click the boxes to indicate that you understand and agree to them.

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