Music Industry Summer Program

Music Industry Summer Program

Recorded Music is more than the performer and performance. It is the intersection of business and technology. Behind every artist is a team of professionals recording and mixing sound, marketing and promoting the artist to consumers and media, publishers working to expand the music’s reach through other entertainment outlets, and dozens more individuals crafting virtually every aspect of what will be seen and heard.

Drexel’s Music Industry Summer Program is an intensive one-week program for high-school students serious about acquiring a head start on understanding the basics and the nuances of this incredibly competitive and energetic industry.

Drexel’s Music Industry Program is nationally known for its student-run enterprises such as MAD Dragon Records, Bantic Media and Mad Dragon Publishing and its state of the art recording facilities. Drexel’s faculty of music industry professionals teach the summer program and draw course work from the undergraduate curriculum that addresses music recording, production, marketing, management, publishing and more. Through practical classroom lectures and hands-on studio experience, students are ensured valuable insight into this one of a kind program.

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