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Philosophy, Mission, and Goals

The mission of the Drexel Architecture Program is to pursue architecture as a professional discipline by combining the rigors of the academy with the realities of contemporary architectural practice. The program does this by providing a strong, broadly based curriculum in the arts, humanities, social sciences, and the applied sciences coupled with professional courses taught by faculty who reflect the broad diversity of architectural practice today.

Drexel's work/study program is an experiential-based learning model that complements and provides an alternative to traditional studio-based programs. The Drexel model provides a practical, high-quality education to those students who seek early exposure to daily architectural practice as well as an affordable alternative to students who would not otherwise be able to enter the profession.

The explicit goal of the Drexel program is to prepare its students to enter the practice of architecture and to prosper in the profession in the region, in the nation, and in the world. In that sense the Drexel program shares the same agenda with nearly all of the architectural programs in North America. The significant difference is that Drexel merges rigorous academic instruction with the opportunity to work concurrently in the profession. The combination of a student body, which works in the profession being taught by a faculty of leading regional practitioners further knits Drexel's architectural program into the region's professional community. Drexel's work/study format squarely addresses this perspective by continuously integrating and contrasting theory and practice. The Boyer Report cited Drexel twice for its unique linkage of practice and education.

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Faculty and Staff

The Architecture Program's commitment to a practicum-based education is inextricably tied to the structure of the Program, its identity, and mission. These are manifested in its work/study program and its commitment to have a large and rich mix of practicing professionals transmit their knowledge and experience to students in studios and classes. We consider the Architecture Program's faculty and staff as one of its most valuable resources. Managing and nurturing this precious asset properly over time is critical to the long-term health of the program since it is inextricably tied to quality student learning and achievement.

The faculty of the Architecture Program is composed of highly dedicated and experienced teachers. Six full-time faculty members teach alongside a large adjunct faculty of approximately seventy-five. Almost all adjunct faculty members are practicing in their professional fields. They are either principals in their own firms or associates and staff architects in a variety of outstanding firms that exist in the Philadelphia architectural community. The faculty members represent diverse attitudes toward the practice of architecture and varied educational backgrounds. They are highly committed to the practice of architecture and are also motivated to teach. Most of our instructors have made a long-term commitment to teaching at Drexel and are uniformly generous in their support of the Program and of their students.

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Drexel's Architecture Program is unique in its structure and attracts students of diverse backgrounds.

The 2+4 Option primarily caters to high-school graduate who crave early exposure to architectural practice. Each entering class is small and admission highly competitive.
The 2+4 Option

The Part-Time Evening Option attracts freshmen as well as transfer students. We are also accepting students with prior architectural education from community colleges as well as from other programs. These students will be placed into our course sequence upon a close assessment of their skills, which includes a transcript and portfolio review.
The Part-Time Evening Option

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