Architecture Curriculum

Architecture Curriculum


Drexel University offers one accredited professional Bachelor of Architecture degree, consisting of two parallel program options which merge over the final four years of study. Each option serves a different set of students. The 2+4 Option is designed for recent high school graduates who will study for two years full-time before shifting to the work/study portion of the program. The Evening Program is designed for working students, overwhelmingly transfer students, who must work full-time while pursuing their degrees. Because there are minor differences between day and evening courses, and because each option requires different scheduling strategies, there are separate Major Sheets and Sequence Sheets provided for each.

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Course Requirements and Plan of Studies

The following plans of study are linked to the Provost Catalog and are for review purposes only. Several factors influence the sequencing of those courses including: transfer credits, AP credits, academic year entering the program and programmatic changes. Students should refer to their individualized DegreeWorks account and consult with their Academic Advisor to ensure they meet all degree requirements in a timely manner.

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Academic Advisor

Required Courses

Recommended Plans of Study

Course Descriptions

  • Descriptions of Architecture Courses
  • For more information on the architecture curriculum and course descriptions of all classes also visit the course listings under Required Courses for each track.

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Thesis Projects in the Architecture Program

The purpose of the Thesis is to allow the student to pursue an independent line of study for an extended period in considerable depth, bringing together various skills from studio and classroom which have been acquired over the previous five or six years. The Thesis is also a comprehensive summary of what has been learned to date, so technical competence must be exhibited in all aspects of a Thesis project. Thesis projects will not only be judged on the quality of work presented, but also on the processes used to produce it.

2015-2016 Thesis/Senior Project Proposal

Thesis Work of the Class of 2015 can be seen h​e​r​e.​

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Transfer Admission Requirements

In order to graduate with a Bachelor of Architecture at Drexel, all students are required to fulfill the complete curriculum as stated in the respective course requirements for their incoming year and track (evening or 2+4 respectively). A hard copy of this information is given to every student when he or she enters the program and can be viewed as a contract between the student and the university.

Please note that all transfer students will be considered on probation during their first full academic year. At the end of the first four quarters at Drexel, a comprehensive review of the student’s performance and a portfolio review may be conducted. If necessary, the students may be required to take additional classes as remediation if lacking skills or weak performance have become obvious. This is meant to ensure that all of our students are able to complete the curriculum with sufficient knowledge, skills and success.

Information on admissions to the Part-Time Evening Option

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Portfolio Requirements

Drexel has relationships with a number of local and regional Community Colleges to facilitate your transition into our program. However, please note that this does not ensure that you will receive automatic credit for all classes you have taken at your previous university or college. To receive transfer credit for any architectural course, please make sure to provide us with the course syllabus and—if applicable—the individual assignment sheets of projects. For placements of transferring students into the appropriate studio or to receive an assessment of prior learning, the additional material has to be provided in hard copy form during a face-to-face interview. Please see the PDF Portfolio Review and Assessment below for more details. The work shown should be from the student’s prior classes, design studios, etc. and should clearly identify the student seeking to enter the program as the sole author of the work. Please provide all necessary information, data or artifacts in a clear and organized form during your portfolio review.

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