Entrepreneurship at Westphal

Entrepreneurship at Westphal

Building on our deep expertise and scholarly contributions in social and for-profit entrepreneurship, Drexel University is dedicated to the translation of new knowledge generated by its faculty, staff, and students into practical use. At Westphal College, we integrate studio education and experiential learning with entrepreneurship studies to cultivate graduates with a knowledge of aesthetics, function, history, ethics, technology, economic realities, and the importance of addressing the pressing issues of our times, and provide the appropriate balance of a solid foundation with individual creative direction, cultural awareness, strong technical skills, and an understanding of management and professional practice. Below are links to programs and organizations that help us accomplish our mission in supporting tomorrow's creative entrepreneurs.

The Nina Henderson Challenge 

Westphal's Nina Henderson Challenge is a terrific opportunity, open only to Westphal students, in which student teams from all of the College's programs are invited to develop and submit original three-page business concepts and, if they choose, complete business plans for competitive consideration. The Nina Henderson Challenge follows the same format and adheres to the same submission dates as the University-wide Baiada Competition. Click here for more information.

2014 Nina Henderson Challenge Winners 

The winners of the Nina Henderson Challenge have been announced and congratulations are extended to these students for the excellent pursuit of their business ideas.

First Prize is awarded to SURPL, a concert ticket overstock vendor available through an in app and web experience that connects live music lovers of all ages with what’s going on in the city with both convenience and cost effectiveness. (William Lindsay, Erica Stone, and Lindsay Alexander-Music Industry Program). SURPL has also been selected as one of the 6 finalists in the Ian J. Berg Competition and will present their plan to judges on May 8th.

Second Prize is awarded to OptimEyes, a newly designed glasses case that, in addition to holding glasses, features a built in retractable contact lens case designed to inspire a more sophisticated, efficient, and simple lifestyle, (Andrew Corey, Ava Kravitz-Design & Merchandising).

Third prize is awarded to TechKnow, a personalized computer education service for adults that teaches clients how to use computer software, whether it is for personal use or to enhance their skill sets at work. (Melissa Lamp, Eliza Truscott, Giuliana Marcucci, Lindsay Brock-Design & Merchandising).

Congratulations also go to all students having entered the Competition. The judges’ job is made challenging by the number of well-executed plans submitted by Westphal students.

The Charles D. Close School of Entrepreneurship

Click to visit the Close SchoolThe Close School of Entrepreneurship is one of a very small number of freestanding schools of entrepreneurship in the nation. Building on an outstanding foundation of curriculum, programming, and thought leadership at Drexel, the Close School is the engine driving the expanded culture of entrepreneurship envisioned by the University’s strategic plan. The Close School believes that entrepreneurship is not just a technical process of launching new companies, but is a set of personal and professional skills that foster the pursuit of innovation in business, personal, and career contexts. Students in every college and school at Drexel are able to connect through the Close School to curricular, extracurricular, and experiential programs that support their entrepreneurial efforts. The School serves the regional entrepreneurial and business community through its thought leadership in entrepreneurship research. Click here for more information.

Drexel University's Baiada Institute for Entrepreneurship

Click to visit the Baiada Institute The Baiada Institute bridges education and entrepreneurship by linking research, coursework, experiential learning, and entrepreneurial thinking with practical guidance for budding entrepreneurs. The Institute's mission—underscored by a deep interdisciplinary nature to develop entrepreneurial leaders and foster the creation of successful technology ventures within the Drexel community — distinguishes it as one of the nation’s leading entrepreneurship programs. Students from every academic discipline are encouraged to participate in the Institute, through interactive workshops, entrepreneurial courses, and an annual Business Plan Competition and Entrepreneur Conference. Click here for more information.