Mandell Theater Technical Information

Mandell Theater – Basic Stage Information

Please contact the Mandell Theater Manager for additional/more detailed information.



Stage Information

Stage Type: Proscenium
Floor Surface: Masonite – Painted Black
Proscenium Opening: 39'- 7”w x 18'-0” h
Stage Depth: Plaster line to Back wall: 29'-0”
Apron to Plaster line: 8'-0”
Height: Stage floor from House floor: 3'-0”
Stage floor to Proscenium: 18'-0”
Stage floor to Grid: 44'-6”
Pit: No
Lifts: No
Traps: No


Type: Counterweight
Lengths of Battens: 46'-4”
Maximum weight per Batten: Approximately 750lbs
Maximum height of scenery: 23'-6”
# of Line Sets: 28
# of Electrics: 5

Soft Goods

Main Act Curtain: Fly or Travel
Color: Maroon
Fullness: 100%
Cyc: Color: Seamless White
Legs: 3 sets, 10’ x 21’, Flat, Black
Borders: Main Act Border - 100% Full, Maroon
3 @ 46’ x 9’, Flat, Black
Travellers: 1 @ 100% Full, Black
1 @ Flat, Black