Mandell Theater Technical Information

Stage Information

Type: Proscenium
Floor: flat
Type of Surface: Wood- Painted Black
Width: Wall to Wall
Proscenium Opening: 39'- 7"w x 18'-0" h
Center Stage to SR Wall: 29'-6'
Center Stage to SL wall D: 29'-6"
Proscenium to Crow's Nest: 2'-7'
Crow's Nest to Floor: 7'-2'
Can the Proscenium be closed in? Yes, with Stage Draperies
Wing Spaced: Proscenium to SL Wall: 9'-4'
Proscenium to SR Rail: 6'-8'
Obstructions: SL Wing: US has spiral staircase to FOH and grid
SR Wing: s DS has crow nest for the double purchase line set
Depth: Plaster line to Back Wall:
Apron to Plaster Line:
Proscenium: 18'-0' Grid: 44'-6'
Stage floor from House floor: 3'-0'
Depth: 8'-0' from center
26'-0" from center to carpet
Pit: No
Lifts: No
Traps: No
Movie Screen Size: 14'-2"x28'-8"


Type: Counterweight- Single Purchase except for line sets 5 & 6 which are double purchase. Line set 1 is a Pulley system
Location of Rail: Stage Right: deck level Except for Line sets 1-6 on platform reached from deck level
Lengths of Battens:
From Center to SR:
From Center to SL:
Maximum weight per Batten: Approximately 750lbs
Maximum height of scenery: 23'-6'
# of Line Sets: 28
# Available for use: 9
# of Electrics: 5 including Cyc Electric
Line Set #: 5, 6, 9, 11, 12, 19, 21.24.26
Plaster line to First set of lines: 1'-8'
Plaster line to last set of Lines: 26'-7'
Locations of electrical Battens (from Plaster line) Line Set#: 4 1st Electric" 3'-6"
10 2nd Electric 9'-7"
1 7 3rd Electric 16' - 7"
20 Cyc Electric 19'-7"
23 4th Electric 22'-6"


House Curtain: Fly or Travel
Control: Line Set #2
Location: SR
Color: Maroon
Fullness: 100%
Cyc: Soft Unit
Control: Line Set #27
Location: SR
Color: Off-White
Loading Area
Location: Outside. Stage Left
Relationship to the stage: Stage level
Door: Width 10'-2'
Height: 10'-0'
Height from Ground: 5'-0'
Parking: Metered street parking
Scene Shop Door: Width:10'-2'
Height: 18'-0'
Distance from loading door to stage: 42'-0'
Doors between loading dock & stage: Scene shop door
Door from Stage to shop: Scene Shop door

Dressing Rooms

# of Dressing rooms- 2 Chorus Style Rooms: Under stage

Toilets: Yes
Running Water: Yes
Hot Water: Yes
Showers: Yes
Mirrors: Yes
Mirror Lights: Yes
Wardrobe Racks: By Request
Chairs: Yes

# each can accommodate: 8+

Distance from Stage: 77' 0' including stairs


Best position for calling the show: Light Booth front of house

Light and Sound Booths Located 90' from Stage in Front of House

Green Room and Scene Shop Available by request