Philadelphia Style Magazine Features Drexel Historic Costume Collection

August 26, 2013 — Drexel Historic Costume Collection Curator Clare Sauro speaks to Philadelphia Style magazine about the collection's past milestones, present achievements and future ambitions in this August edition article – 

“The Drexel Historic Costume Collection was founded a few years after the Drexel Institute of Science and Technology, in the late 1890s. A.J. Drexel strongly believed in education through art, and he set aside a small fortune for the purchase of fine and decorative arts. Textiles and garments were some of these early acquisitions. I estimate there to be more than 12,000 objects in total, including a coral-encrusted Givenchy gown donated by Princess Grace of Monaco. Most of the early donations had a Drexel family connection, but today they are usually from alumni or interested supporters from the Philadelphia region.” 

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