Shima Seiki Haute Technology Laboratory

February 16, 2012 —

Genevieve Dion has focused her research on identifying production methods that advance the field of wearable technology.  Following the signing of a groundbreaking, million dollar agreement with Shima Seiki USA, Dion will now have a state-of-the-art laboratory to conduct research for the development of new smart textiles and wearable technologies, and to explore new methods of production that will ultimately impact a number of market sectors.

The Shima Seiki Haute Technology Laboratory is a multidisciplinary research initiative founded by Dion and colleagues from Drexel’s Colleges of Nursing and Health Professions, Engineering, Information Science & Technology, Medicine, and Biomedical Engineering, and represents a growing partnership between Drexel University and Shima Seiki. As founding director, Dion will direct lab research while promoting a collaborative and creative research environment.

Shima Seiki, the world leader in 3D computerized knitting systems, has generously donated sixteen SDS-ONE APEX3 workstations, three state-of-the-art knitting machines and R&D support. The workstations accurately simulate fabric construction and provide researchers and designers the opportunity to create and simulate garment prototypes, import CAD specifications of their final products, and produce made-to-measure or mass-produced pieces on Shima Seiki knitting machines. Shima Seiki’s R&D support includes help and advice on knit programming, and access to the knit libraries at Shima Seiki USA in New York and New Jersey.

Photo: Professor Dion and Dr. Shima in front of knitting machine at the Shima Seiki headquarters in Wakayama, Japan.