New DNews

May 28, 2010 —

DNews reporter next to logoThe newest edition of DNews, Drexel’s student produced newsmagazine, will air on Friday, May 25th on DUTV at 8 PM. The episode features the first of a two part interview with incoming Drexel President John Fry and Interim President Chuck Pennoni, a story on Ni Una Mas and the ARTMARCH. Other segments include a feature on our spring play Reefer Madness from Eric Colton; a story by Laurel Chadwick on the Spring Health Fair; and two stories by Grace Buttery, one on the Academic Bistro and another on Greek Week, featuring the Greek Week Talent Show. DUTV is Drexel University’s regional cable channel, which is available in over 360,000 homes in our community via Comcast and Fios.