An Exhibition of Souvenir Buildings from the Collections of Architecture Faculty

  • Exhibition of Souvenir BuildingsThrough August 19
  • The Rincliffe Gallery
  • Main Building, third floor
  • 32nd Street and Chestnut Street

August 13, 2005 — Miniature souvenir buildings have been a feature at tourist sites for more than a hundred years, expanding in popularity with the rise of popular tourism in Europe. In recent years there has been a boom in collecting these little buildings in the United States. Souvenir Buildings have been made in a variety of materials, but are usually cast in metal, mirroring the original in great detail. When seen collectively, souvenir buildings offer a fascinating commentary on the history of architecture, and a barometer of popular appreciation of architectural monuments. The Souvenir Building Collectors Society held its annual convention in Philadelphia in late June. The collections of three Drexel Architecture faculty members - Paul Hirshorn, John Blatteau and Charles Evers - are being displayed in the Rincliffe Gallery in conjunction with this convention.