The Paul F. Harron Graduate Program in Television Management draws students to Philadelphia from around the world. Our students are talented, ambitious and motivated by the belief that they are the next generation of television managers who will work and thrive in the converged world of cross-platform multimedia delivery.

We invite you to learn more about them.

Anggi Ayu

Anggi Ayu

Originally from Indonesia, Anggi Fajar Ayu was born and raised in Jakarta where she received her Bachelor's degree in Accounting. She worked for 4 years as Unit Production Manager on Trans7's news room, a national television station in Jakarta. At Trans7, she found her hard work was well paid because she can traveled across the globe for free doing the filming.

She is working towards her M.S in Television Management at Drexel University with the goal of becoming a production executive on news room.

Natalie Bi

Zhengyuan (Natalie) Bi

Zhengyuan (Natalie) was born and raised in Shanghai, China. She received her Bachelor Degree in Business Management in Idaho State. Before she came to the United State, Natalie has worked at a Fortune 500 company for 5 years and has been enjoying travelled around the world with her family. In addition to a student now, Natalie is an editor, a singer and a pianist. She has edited three books in China and has 4 albums since 2013. To growth her business management knowledge and reinforce her pioneering spirit, Natalie attended Stanford Graduate School of Business -Summer Institute for General Management in summer 2013. After graduated from MS Television Management, Natalie wants to integrate her experience and blends her passion into the entertainment television industry. She will strives for being a famous female producer or a management executive in the near future. She believes that a diamond will be shined eventually.

Brandon Bouuknight

Brandon Bouknight

Brandon Bouknight is a candidate for the MS in Television Management at Drexel University. Originally from North New Jersey, he received his Bachelor’s degree in Public Relations from Ramapo College of New Jersey. He has held an internship for a public relations company in London, UK, as well as a marketing/sales internship in New York City for OUT Magazine. After graduating, Brandon hopes to work in the Entertainment Television Industry, either in the fields of Marketing or Programming.

Patrick Boyle

Patrick Boyle

Patrick is first year graduate student at Drexel University enrolled in the MS program focused on Television Management. He holds a bachelor’s degree in journalism and media studies from Rutgers University. Patrick was born and raised in southern New Jersey, and has been passionate about television, film, and entertainment from a very young age. He has some minor experience in acting and performance, and was fortunate enough to join the SAG-AFTRA union while completing his undergraduate studies. Coming from a performance and journalism background, Patrick enrolled in the Television Management program at Drexel in order to explore the different facets of development, programming, and production. His goal is to become a well-rounded executive, actor, and producer, where he can integrate his experience and perspective into the ever-changing television industry.

Arielle Gelman

Arielle Gelman

Arielle Gelman is a first-year graduate student pursuing her Masters of Science Degree in Television Management at Drexel's Antoinette Westphal College of Media Arts and Design. She intends to earn an MBA from the LeBow College of Business. Arielle is currently a Development Executive at Spark Productions, a Broadway production company based in New York.

Arielle is a Philly native working in the world of entertainment since 2011. Since graduating from University of Maryland, College Park, she has held positions in Broadway production companies, television production companies, local television stations as well as talent and casting agencies. She is passionate about comedy, history and Philly sports. Arielle is thrilled to be back in her home city and continuing education.

Lei Guo

Lei Guo

Lei Guo is currently a graduate student of Television Management at Drexel University. Prior to Drexel, she received her M.A. in Language and Literature of Chinese and English from Central China Normal University. She discovered her passion for Television Industry during a nation wide competition Angel Education Supporting held by To strengthen experience and professional skills, she did internships in NTV (Nanjing TV) and SRT (Shijiazhuang Radio &TV). During internship period, she gains hands on professional skills such as press release, publicity, script writing and video editing.

Lei has produced several video clips to reflect current social situation of China and enjoys doing this during her free time. She also keeps doing volunteers. Studying in Drexel is a new journey for her to look for treasure in various excellent American shows and programs. Her long-term career goal is to be a producer at a major cable network.

Chanell Johnson

Chanell Johnson is a candidate for the dual MS/ MBA Masters of Science in Television Management program at Drexel University. A native of Philadelphia, she discovered her passion for the Entertainment and Media Industry at a young age, hoping to one day become an executive at a local or national broadcast network. She sought her undergraduate education at Lincoln University, PA, where she received her Bachelor’s of Science in Mass Communications emphasis in Broadcast Media in 2008.

During her undergraduate tenure, Chanell executed multiple positions at Lincoln University’s Television Station LUC-TV; On Air Talent, Assistant Producer, Director, Director of Music and Editor. Chanell also wrote articles for the University’s newspaper “The Lincolnian”.

Chanell is also rooted in the community and is an advocate for multiple nonprofit organizations such as the Girl Scouts of Eastern Pennsylvania and Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, where she volunteered for the Ryan Seacrest Foundation THE VOICE, a closed-circuit radio station and multimedia center.

Tina Maddox

Tina Maddox

Tina Maddox graduated from La Salle University with a bachelor’s degree in Management Information Systems and English Literature. Since an early age, she always knew she wanted to be involved in the Entertainment Industry which resulted in her taking acting classes at the Walnut Street Theatre, as well as Screen and Playwriting classes at Drexel University. Her long term career goals are to produce and write for prime time television as well as write for the film and stage.

Alex Rybacki

Alex Rybacki

Alex Rybacki grew up in Atco, New Jersey. Since he was a young kid, he has had an interest in television and film, specifically writing and production. Throughout middle school and high school, he could be found running around with friends and a camcorder, making silly short films. He attended Drexel University and recently graduated with a B.S. in Digital Media. While at Drexel, Alex worked on numerous short films, animations, and game designs. He also has experience in graphic design and web design. As a senior he directed a short film, Satisfaction Guaranteed, for his Senior Thesis. After graduation, Alex hopes to work as a producer or creative development executive for television and film.

Aura Sanchez

Aura Sanchez

Advertising from Rowan University in May 2011. During her time at Rowan, she interned as a production assistant at Univision 65.

Aura currently works full-time as the Electronic Marketing Coordinator for live events at Boardwalk Hall in Atlantic City. One of Aura's career goals is to become a marketing executive in the Media industry.

Lindsay Strott

Lindsay Strott

Lindsay has been working and interning in televisions for the past 5 years with such shows at The Late Show with David Letterman, Guiding Light, and Jersey Couture. She is in the Television Management program in order to pursue a career in Programming and Development at the network level.

Kaila Taylor

Kaila Taylor

Kaila is from Fredericksburg, VA and has been in love with the television industry from an early age. She fueled her interest by taking part in media clubs in elementary, middle, and high school. Kaila’s long history of medical conditions and surgical encounters got her highly interested in health and medical journalism, leading her to pursue an internship at ABC 7 News shadowing the health reporter. She received her Bachelor’s degree in Electronic and Print Journalism from Virginia Tech. Kaila joined Drexel’s program with the hopes of broadening her perspective on the industry while fine-tuning her skills and experience. Ultimately, Kaila wants to blend her passions of health and journalism at the Discovery Health Channel, using her story to educate the public about prominent health topics and issues.

Brenda Turner

Brenda Turner

Brenda Turner is a candidate for the MS/MBA in Television Management at Drexel University. Originally from Maryland, Brenda discovered her love and passion for all things television after her family relocated to Philadelphia just before the start of her undergraduate studies. This passion led her to complete undergraduate courses in Journalism, Public Relations and Advertising at Temple University. She eventually completed a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Management at University of Phoenix. While pursuing her Bachelors degree, Brenda completed internships at Philadelphia Weekly, Radio One, Inc. (Philly 103.9 fm) and MTV. Upon completion of her graduate degree at Drexel, she hopes to enter the television industry and create programming that makes a difference in the lives of viewers the world over.

Agnus Varughese

Agnus "Aggie" Varughese

Born in India and raised partially in India, the Middle East, and the U.S., Agnus "Aggie" Varughese grew up loving television and seeing the cross cultural impacts of television. Though currently a student of M.S. in Television Management, Aggie hopes to pursue an MBA in Television Management, as well. Prior to joining Drexel, Aggie worked as a producer and host of a show which airs on Malayalam Television, a South-Indian television channel on an IPTV platform. Eventually hoping to achieve success on-camera, Aggie loves all aspects of television, and even dreams of one day owning her own production house, which will primarily focus on the third world and its struggles.

Yumeng Xiao

Yumeng Xiao

I'm currently working at an NGO named China-U.S. Chamber of Commerce. The organization is somewhere like a PR company. It helps Chinese entrepreneurs who work in America build their networks and introducing opportunities both in U.S and China by holding some events. My duty is produce promotion video, update daily news on social media and develop relationship with local Chinese media. The company built good relationship with several important Chinese media like Asian Television, Sinovision Net and even the Xinhua News Agency, which is one of the most official news agency in China. I found this internship very attractive. I can also get involved with event planning occasionally.

Jiaying Wang

Jiaying Wang

This is Jiaying Wang. I am a Chinese girl. My home town is Xi'an. My undergraduate major is Photograph and Film directing. Nice to study here!

Wanyu Wang

Wanyu Wang

Wanyu Wang is a first-year graduate student pursuing her Masters of Science degree in Television Management at Drexel's Antoinette Westphal College of Media Arts and Design. Originally from Beijing, China. She completed her bachelor in Digital Media Art from Communication University of China in 2013. In her college time, she has lots of opportunities to make videos, do post-productions, design posters.

Prior to being admitted to Drexel, she had internship experience for China Center Television, Channel-12 as a director assistant when she was a junior in college. Her dream in work in a Television studio.

Aoran Yang

Aoran Yang

Aoran Yang is a current student of Television Management. She received her Bachelor degree in Chinese Language and Literature from Yanshan University. In 2012, Aoran had internship experiences as program production assistant in the Hebei broadcasting station and mainly focused on editing news for the program Morning News and manuscripts for Security Today and Financial Managing, two most popular programs in Economic Channel of HBS. With great passion of Media, she is very interested in photography and creating and producing documentary and aim to specialize in production of Television in future career.

Danni Yang

Danni Yang

I came from Wuxi, China, a city near Shanghai. I graduated from Shanghai Normal University, major in Radio and Televison News. I love TV programs, especially Korean TV shows.

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PRIOR STUDENTS (click to expand)

Christina M. Coleman

Christina Coleman is one of the Graduate Assistants and candidate for the MS in Television Management at Drexel. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in Producing for Film and Television from Emerson College and a Bachelor of Arts in Business Communications from The Richard Stockton College of New Jersey. Though a Jersey native, Christina has worked for some of the top New York productions companies such as White Cherry Entertainment and Done and Dusted Productions. She has worked on live-event shows such as The Tony Awards, The Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, Neil Diamond: Hot August Night, Philadelphia Thanksgiving Day Parade and many more. Her most recent position includes being a Project Coordinator at NFL Films. In May 2013, Christina will be the first graduate student from the Television Management program to attend the Cannes International Film Festival where she will intern with a production/studio-based company for the entirety of the festival.

Amie Dibba

Born in Texas, raised in Minnesota and roots from The Gambia, West Africa, Amie Dibba ventured out to Pennsylvania to pursue a MS degree in Television Management from Drexel University. Amie completed her undergraduate degree at University of Wisconsin in Marketing and Mass Communications. Previously, Amie worked for the African Broadcasting Network-America (ABN) where she hosted her own television show "Melody Africa", did Master Control operation and served as the Director of Music for ABN which was a subscription channel housed on Dish Network. Outside of television, Amie is a singer/songwriter and has performed in front of international crowds as an Afro-Pop artist. Amie's career goal is to create television programming for the International market and create a new innovative structure to better connect the international media world.

Randi Figures

Randi Figures is starting her first year as a graduate student at Drexel University, studying Television Management. She completed her undergraduate studies at the University of South Florida with a degree in Communication: Analyzing Media and Culture. Randi took a year off after graduating to intern at Boca Talent and Model Agency. She then decided to pursue her goal of receiving her Masters degree at Drexel, with the intent of learning all the facets of the television and broadcast industry. From a very young age she knew she wanted to be apart of the entertainment industry, wanting to make a difference, and utilizing her knowledge and creativity to bring enticing programming to those who are also passionate about entertainment.

Yun Gao

Yun Gao is a first year graduate student in Television Management at Drexel University from China. Yun received her Bachelor’s degree in Broadcasting and Television Director from Sichuan University of China in 2011. During various intern experiences in TV stations, she became increasingly interested and proficient in TV production and the opportunity to perform as co-producer, editor, and marketing researcher during the internship. As a freshman, Yun started to work as a part-time director in some short films and from which I learned further about directing and producing. Yun’s goal is to become a creative producer of television station and communication company.

Andrea M. Gould

Andrea M. Gould is a Graduate Assistant and candidate for the Masters of Science in Television Management program at Drexel University. A native of Philadelphia, she discovered her passion for the Entertainment and Media Industry at a young age. Hoping to one day become an executive in the Entertainment Industry, she sought her undergraduate education at Drexel University, where she received her Bachelors of Science in Entertainment and Arts Management with a minor in Business Administration. Through Drexel University’s co-operative education program, Andrea has had the opportunity to gain hands on experience in the Entertainment and Media industry by interning at a number of companies, including: The Law Offices of Simon J. Rosen, Jaxum Records, 100.3 the Beat, and The Miss Philadelphia Pageant. After completion of her internship as a Technical Writer at Comcast, she became a 2010 graduate of the T. Howard Foundation. It was during her time as a T. Howard Foundation intern that she developed her passion for diversity in relation to the Entertainment and Media Industry. This passion led her to further explore the topic for her undergraduate senior project, “ The Evolution of Diversity: Women and Minorities as Executives in the Entertainment and Media Industry.” Which featured a panel of industry executives and media personalities, from companies that included: Comcast Corporation, Radio One and NBC 10. Besides diversity issues within the industry, Andrea’s other interest include television programming and scheduling. Andrea’s short-term career goal is to work towards developing and finding more programming that can be entertaining, relatable, and display positive images of people from diverse backgrounds with the hopes of attracting a more diverse viewing audience. Her long-term career goal is to obtain an executive level position in television programming and content at a major cable network.

Azamir Green

Azamir was born and raised in Jersey City, New Jersey. She attended Cheyney University obtaining her Bachelor of Arts Degree in Communications. During her time at Cheyney she hosted her own talk radio show. Later Ms. Green went on to intern at the local Radio-One stations where she wrote occasionally for the website, and continues to volunteer.

Fengwei Gu

Fengwei Gu graduated from University of Shanghai for Science and Technology in China. He also had an internship in Shanghai Television (SMG). After this experience, he decided to come to the U.S to further his education in Television and Radio area due to his experience and interests. Fengwei plans to work in Television or Radio station to eventually become a CEO of a local Television company. He admits that the biggest challenge for him so far has been the differences between American and Chinese cultures in the television industry. But he is confident that he has the capability and flexibility to be able to work in the Television and Radio industry.

Ri Hai

A native of China, Ri Hai, received her Bachelor’s degree in Journalism from Hunan University in 2012 before attending Drexel University. She is currently a first-year graduate student in the Television Management Program. While studying Journalism at Hunan University, Ri Hai discovered a passion for a number of areas in the media industry, including: film, newspaper, Internet and most importantly, television. During the summer of 2011, she finished her internship at CCTV news channel as a news editor. She learned a lot from her internship at CCTV news and was able to showcase her knowledge through completion of her thesis writing. Ri Hai has produced several short humanistic documentary films and enjoys doing this during her free time. Ri Hai lives by the saying: “One’s destination is never a place, but a new way of seeing things.” The television management program at Drexel University is Ri Hai’s new way of seeing the global television development. She is on her way to pursuing her goal of becoming a television program producer.

Kelsey Hanley

Kelsey Hanley is a first year graduate student in the Paul F. Harron Television Management program at Drexel University. She recently graduated from James Madison University in May 2012, earning a Bachelor of Science degree in Media Arts and Design, with a concentration in Corporate Communications. Originally from Virginia Beach, VA she interned at an event-planning firm. Kelsey is interested in the public relations side of the Television industry and hopes to pursue that line of work through various internships during the program.

Anessa L. Howell

Anessa Howell is a candidate in the Master of Science in Television Management program. She graduated from Drexel University in 2011 earning a Bachelor of Science degree in Music Industry with a concentration in Entertainment Law with a minor in English and a Certificate of Creative Writing and Publishing. Throughout her undergraduate career, Anessa gained experience in the music industry at various entertainment companies, including two independent record labels and a digital marketing firm. In addition to her experience in the music industry, Anessa is a professional singer, performing at a variety of venues in Maryland, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and New York while also writing and recording original music. With a passion for both music and television, Anessa aims to develop herself into a liaison between the television industry and the music industry in the area of music supervision, placement, and licensing for television.

Keyang Li

Keyang Li is a first year graduate student in Television management at Drexel University. Keyang would like to focus on the study of The Art of Television in the future. During her undergraduate years, she took some basic courses of art design in the television field, such as Visual Communication Design, and Advertising Design. Keyang is most proud of working for Nanjing Hongshan Zoo on the Marketing staff in 2011. This job required her to coordinate with the media for making a publicity plan and the chance to work with many television professionals. Her experience with the media publicity process boosted her interest in television management. After obtaining her degree, Keyang hopes to enter into a famous television station or production company and to lead other staff to produce programs independently as a producer.

Sarah Meiklejohn

Sarah D. Meiklejohn moved to Philadelphia in 2005 to pursue a Bachelor of Science in Screenwriting and Playwriting at Drexel University. While attending Drexel, she completed her Co-Op at City Channel, Ltd. in Dublin, Ireland and also pursued minors in French and Dance. Since graduating from Drexel in 2009, Sarah has worked on various aspects of several short films and a documentary. She has also honed her writing skills as a Story Development coordinator for Philly Features. Sarah's true passion however lies in educational television and film and she is excited to return to Drexel as a candidate for an MS / MBA in Television Management.

Baihui Miao

Baihui Miao is a new addition to the Television Management Program at Drexel University. Baihui received her Bachelor’s degree in English from Tongling University in 2012. During her four-years of learning English and three-year campus broadcast station working, she fostered an international perspective and a strong enthusiasm in media. In 2011,Baihui interned at Tongling TV Station for six months as journalist and editor assistant where she formed basic understandings about the creating, planning and procedure of program making. During the internship, Baihui was touched by young volunteers and witnessed the power of media in delivering information and promoting moral values. Through the use of the media, she learned how more people began to volunteer to help others in need. Baihui is working towards the M.S. in Television Management with the goal of becoming a creative producer of television station or doing programs closely related to volunteer organizations.

Amanda Ramsaran

Amanda Ramsaran is a first-year candidate for the Master of Science in the Paul F. Harron Graduate Program in Television Management at Drexel University. She received her Bachelor of Arts in Film & Media Arts (concentration in production) with a minor in Business from Temple University in Spring 2011. She has worked on the production of two feature films shot in the greater Philadelphia area, 1982 and Mayor Cupcake, and has assisted in covering the 2011 and 2012 Toronto International Film Festival for Canadian media. She has completed the Improvisation Program at the Second City Training Centre in Toronto, Canada. Additionally, she is an alumna of Lambda Tau Omega Sorority, Inc. at Temple University, Nezwaly Rho Chapter. Amanda aims to specialize in the development and production of single-camera scripted series for television or the Internet and become a show runner for a major network comedy or drama series.

Die Ruan

Die Ruan is a candidate for the Master of Science in Television Management at Drexel University. Originally from China, she completed her Bachelor of Arts degree in Radio and Television Editing and Directing from Nanjing University of the Arts in 2011. Prior to being admitted to Drexel, she has internship experience for The Marriage Ref in Chinese edition on Jiangsu Broadcasting Corporation to assist in planning and editing. And she is also familiar with TV home shopping as a VCR producer for five month. Focusing on using of lights, scene settings and functional displaying to shot video clips. To experience the different positions related to television area, after graduation, Die continued to serve as an educational journalist on Jiangsu Education Television for one year.

Kiara Shepherd

Kiara Shepherd recently relocated to Philadelphia from New York City to pursue a MS degree in Television Management from Drexel University’s Antoinette Westphal College of Media Arts & Design. She also intends to complete the MBA program while at Drexel to expand upon her interest and knowledge of management. In 2012, Kiara graduated from Fordham University receiving her BA in Communications and Media Studies with a concentration in television, radio, and film. Kiara has had the opportunity to work alongside student filmmakers during her time at Fordham University. She also worked closely with several different departments and offices to implement social media when reaching out to students. The majority of her experiences in screenwriting and marketing have shaped her interest in both television and business. Having held internships at Seventeen Magazine and Sterling Publishing, Kiara has seen all sides of the media industry and plans to use those experiences in her future career. She is currently in the process of developing two scripts: one feature length psychological thriller as well as television series.

Shanshan Song

Shanshan Song is a first year graduate student in the program of Television Management in Drexel University. She received her undergraduate degree in Digital Media Art from Beijing Forestry University. Early interest in media has motivated her to choose it as her undergraduate major. The program which is an interdisciplinary one promoted her to take part in relevant projects and real-cases. Also, the experience in professional training and internship lead her a way to looking at the world through multi-perspective. She starts to focus on programming and creative aspect in TV industry, where her passion and goals truly reside.

Dave Tanenbaum

Dave Tanenbaum is a first-year graduate student pursuing his Masters of Science degree in Television Management at Drexel's Antoinette Westphal College of Media Arts and Design. He also intends to earn an MBA from the LeBow College of Business. Dave currently serves as the Director of Video Production for Drexel University Athletics and works on a freelance basis for Comcast SportsNet Philadelphia. Prior to enrolling at Drexel, Dave had been living in Atlanta, GA, where he earned a BA degree in Political Science from Emory University in 2008. After graduating from Emory, Dave worked as an Editor and Producer for CNN Sports, Turner Sports, NBA-TV, CNN and HLN for four years. He is very passionate about sports and enjoys working in the high-pressured, fast-paced environment of sports television production. Originally from the Philadelphia area, Dave is very happy to be back in his home city and looking forward to furthering his education.

Xinting Wan

Xinting Wan is currently a student of Television Management at Drexel University. Prior to Drexel, she received her B.A. in Scenarist-Director of Broadcasting and Television from South China Agricultural University in 2012. Xinting had internship experiences as the studio director for two international events, the 26th Summer Universiade and the 16th Asian Games. She was responsible for designing and editing video clips, making live broadcast signal for venue and operating video equipments for Sports Presentation. During the 66 competitions of Universiade and Asian Games, she gained lots of professional media practice, teamwork experience and problem-solving skills. Besides, Xinting worked as both an intern editor and an intern journalist in Dongguan Radio and Television Station which covers 200 million people in south China. She assisted in choosing topics, writing scripts, editing episodes and even hosting for entertainment programs. Additionally, engaging in two news programs, Today’s Focus and Dongguan Times, she had experiences in interviewing, collecting materials and writing news reports. Xinting’s career goal is to become a creative or production executive for television program or film industry.

Yumeng Xiao

Yumeng Xiao received her undergraduate degree from China Agriculture University, a comprehensive university in Beijing, where she majored in Communications. It was during her time at China Agriculture University that she learned about various fields of the industry including: TV, film, advertisement, newspaper and publishing. Yumeng has held a number of internship positions, one as an editor assistant for China National Library Publishing House and another as a freelancer for Sina mini blog. A form Chinese form of Twitter. Yumeng, along with a friend, have shot several short movies. Two of these works have won a prize, one in Beijing and another in Xi'an. Her dream is to work in a Television Studio.

Yang Yang

Yang Yang is a graduate student in Television Management at Drexel University. She graduated from Kede College of Capital Normal University in 2011 with the bachelor degree in management. In 2010, she took an internship at Beijing Broadcasting Station as a reporter and editor in the program of Legal World. It made her have a more comprehensive understanding of radio program-making procedure including news writing and editing. With the unique experience, she got the offer to serve as an intern journalist in Beijing Daxing District TV and Radio Center in 2011, mainly taking charge of the audience feedback about the program. These internships pushed her to concentrate on the convergence of media, especially the combination of new media and traditional media. Besides this, she also intends to do something towards TV programs exchange between China and America.

Huiming Zhang

Huiming Zhang is a candidate for the Master of Science in Television Management at Drexel University. She received her Bachelor Degree in Musicology emphasis on Music Communication from Communication University of China at Nanjing, China. During the four years study, she have received a comprehensive understanding of arts and media and got many management experiences from participating in the University concerts and some commercial programs. Additionally, she has intern experience with the China Star Media Company, Chicago as a journalist. With a music background and great passion of Media, she is very interested in the connection between television and music industry and also working toward to become a TV programmer or producer of TV network in long term.

Jordan B. Abrams

Jordan recently moved to Philadelphia to pursue a MS degree in Television Management from Drexel’s Antoinette Westphal College. With interests in strategic management and entrepreneurship he also intends to complete the MBA program while here at Drexel. In 2010 Jordan received his BA in Sustainable Business and Art History from The Evergreen State College in Olympia, Washington. Majority of his experience lies in independent and low budget film and TV production. Most recently he’s been interning at Cavazos Films LLC in New York aiding in the production of various projects including the feature film, MOM, due for release this fall:

Dawn Bowen

Dawn Bowen is a part-time student in the Master of Science, Television Management degree program at Drexel. She received her Bachelor of Science degree in Journalism and Broadcast Production Management from the University of Colorado in Boulder. She has been employed in the television industry for 10 years, previously holding positions at Starz Entertainment, Discovery Communications, and PBS Kids Sprout. She is currently re-employed with Discovery Communications in Silver Spring, Maryland, as the Senior Manager of Digital Syndication. Dawn has a special interest in television programming and digital media, and she plans to write her thesis about multiplatform programming scheduling strategies. Her long-term career goals include becoming the head of programming and/or general manager of a television network.

Benjamin H. Cohen

Benjamin H. Cohen is a first year graduate student originally from Boston. He received his undergraduate degree in Television and Radio Production from Ithaca College in 2007. He has spent the last 4 years living and working in Los Angeles. His past credits and work include: Associate Producer on "Why Not With Shania Twain" for OWN, Associate Producer on "Decoded" for History, and Associate Producer on "Hope for Your Home" for TLC. He is working towards his M.S. in Television Management with the goal of becoming a creative or production executive at a cable network.

Matt Curran

Matt Curran is a two-time Emmy award winning producer, director, editor, and writer based in Philadelphia, PA. He currently serves as the Director of Video Production for Drexel University Athletics, and is also a freelance producer for the NBC Sports Network and NFL Films. Prior to Drexel, Matt spent six years as a producer at NFL Films working on a variety of projects, including TV shows for ESPN, CBS, ABC, Showtime, and NFL Network. He also produced national commercial spots and marketing videos for clients including Hasbro, Gatorade, and Samsung, and personally directed interviews and shoots with subjects ranging from famed artist LeRoy Neiman to sports figures like Joe Paterno, Peyton Manning, and Ray Lewis. Originally from Danbury, CT, Matt studied Telecommunications at Penn State University and is a proud NY Giants fan living in enemy territory.

Jiran Dai

Jiran Dai is a first year graduate student in Television Management at Drexel University. She received her Bachelor degree in Applied Psychology from Beijing Normal University Zhuhai Campus in 2011. Even as a psychology student, she took great interest in media. She co-founded T&T media Studio with several partners as her starting of career in 2007. In 2009, she began to write news as a part time journalist for the Nanfang Daily, a newspapers in South China. She has also worked as an intern editor for an educational television program on CCTV-News. With a strong passion and interest in new media and media relationships, she has served as an assistant manager in China Mobile Communication Corporation for mobile campus newspaper and mook project. She is working towards her M.S. in Television Management with the goal of becoming an executive on media relationship in the new media field or a creative editor close connection with magazine industry.

Angela DiPierro

Angela is currently a student in the M.S. Paul F. Harron Graduate Program in Television Management. Prior to attending Drexel she received her B.S. in Communication: Broadcasting from Millersville University of Pennsylvania. Angela has had previous internship experience as a Control Room Operator at QVC where she ran the audio and graphics for the live national broadcast. She was also a Production Assistant on the feature film, Another Harvest Moon, starring Ernest Borgnine. Angela is currently back at QVC with an internship in the Talent Department. This experience has taught her how to operate within both the production and office sides of the industry and helped fuel her passion for television and talent relations. In the future she hopes to achieve a position in network or cable television working with on-air talent and helping to create quality programming.

Steve Fecarotta

Steve Fecarotta is Corporate Counsel for Raycom Media. Raycom Media is one of the nation's largest broadcasters and owns or provides services for 48 television stations in 36 markets and 18 states. Steve's career in television began with an internship at NBC's "Meet the Press with Tim Russert" during the 2004 election cycle. As an intern, he compiled research, logged video, ushered high-profile guests to the Green Room, and completed a 30-page paper on media diversity that was eventually published in SUNY Brockport's Journal of Public Policy and the Policy-Making Process. After receiving his J.D. from Drexel University's School of Law in 2009, he enrolled in the Paul F. Harron Graduate Program in Television Management. As a candidate, he has focused on entertainment law by studying the Communications Act of 1934, the Copyright Act of 1976, and issues like net neutrality. He also directed and produced "Mothers in Prison," a 30-minute documentary film about the mistreatment of female inmates in Pennsylvania prisons. He is currently finishing his M.S. with an internship at the F.C.C.'s Office of Legislative Affairs, where he helps the Commission's Legislative Analysts prepare Chairman Genachowski for testimony on Capitol HIll on issues like net neutrality, F.C.C. reform, and spectrum auctions.

Spencer Gray

Spencer is a graduate student in the television management program at Drexel. Spencer graduated from the University of Virginia in 2009 with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Foreign Affairs. Spencer plans to complete both the MS in TV Management and the MBA program. Currently, Spencer has been working with Drexel Athletics for basketball filming and webcasting the men's and women's home team games. He is currently slated to begin an internship at PHL 17 in April. Spencer's plans for the future include being in charge of repertoire at a major cable network deciding programs and content. He is especially interested in the web and emerging markets and channels for interacting with new viewers and their new viewing habits.

Karan Gulati

Karan Gulati is a first year graduate student in the Television Management program at Drexel University. Karan graduated from Purdue University in 2007 with a Bachelor of Science in Business Management with a focus in marketing and finance. Karan will extend his graduate studies with the MBA program in Fall 2012. Currently, Karan is a Senior Business Analyst at Bank of America Merrill Lynch. He is responsible for overseeing functions such as risk management, financial budgeting, and business operations for the corporate technology division within the company. In addition to the technical components, Karan interacts with media managers across the enterprise on the Bank’s marketing and media strategy campaigns. Karan’s career goal is to direct corporate strategy and analytics as a media consultant for a major television network. His analytical skills acquired through financial services will be a key component in integrating business and media.

Maxwell Haddad

Maxwell is a candidate for the Master of Science in Television Management at Drexel University. As a student in the Bachelor of Science in Film and Video program at Drexel he directed and produced many projects and worked as a Teacher's Assistant for various professors. Maxwell began his journey in Television when he worked as an intern for the late night talk show Jimmy Kimmel Live. Currently he works at Mocal Enterprises, Inc, a real estate management and development firm in New York City and is the co-founder of the film criticism website Maxwell's passion lies in programming and scheduling, as well as the more creative aspects of television production. He hopes to one day have created television series of his own.

Shakira Hedgpeth

Shakira Hedgpeth a candidate for the Antionette Westphal College Paul F. Harron Television Management MS. She is originally from New York City, but received her undergraduate degree in Broadcast Communications in 2010, at the first Historically Black College Lincoln University located in Pennsylvania. She serves as a Graduate Assistant to the Program Director. Her current position as a FOX29 Philadelphia Sales and Marketing Assistant allows her to apply her studies and skills directly within the industry. She has worked within Public Relations for the Philadelphia Multicultural Affairs Congress to create a campaign for the 2010 Fusion Festival, and also in New York with the Dream Relations Public Relations Firm and Literary Agency. Some of her editing and production work was featured on 2011 episodes of Showtime hit series “Weeds”, and “The Big C”.

Latonya Jones

LaTonya Jones is a Master's of Science Candidate for Television Management at Drexel University. In May 2011 she completed her Bachelors of Science Degree in Communication Media at North Carolina State University. She has interned with American Broadcasting Company (ABC) and Columbia Broadcasting System (CBS) affiliates in the North Carolina and Philadelphia Designated Market Areas. She has also interned for cable network TVOne as a Production Assistant. LaTonya will complete her Masters of Science degree in fall 2012.

Nikita Kandath

Nikita Kandath is a candidate for the MS in Television Management and a Graduate Assistant to the director of the program, at Drexel University. Originally from India, she was raised in Dubai. She holds a Bachelor’s of Arts degree in Mass Communications, from Manipal University in India. Majoring in advertising and public relations, she began her career as a Client-Servicing Executive in the publishing industry. She has also served as a freelancer for graphic designing and marketing research projects. Her dream is to create a niche for herself in the television industry or the music business and make a difference. She is a good team player, highly enthusiastic and efficient, hard working and a go-getter. She is planning to start her internship with Sony Music at their headquarters in New York as a Video-Content Production Assistant in April 2012.

Brian Marchesani

Brian Marchesani is a candidate for the Master of Science in Television Management and Master of Business Administration program at Drexel University. He received his Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration with Minors in Advertising and Marketing from York College of Pennsylvania. While completing his coursework Brian worked for ProMobile Productions where he was the Assistant Production Coordinator for the Dad Vail Regatta and served on the Dad Vail Marketing Committee as the Social Media Chair. His passion lies in Event Marketing and Production to promote brand awareness, specifically based around action sports.

Nnamdi Nnedu

Nnamdi Nnedu graduated Magna Cum Laude with a Bachelor of Arts Degree from Auburn University majoring in Mass Communication. He later served as the Paul F. Harron Graduate Program in Television Management’s first ever Graduate Assistant. During his time at Drexel University, he participated in the Paul Robeson Oral History Project, completed a graduate thesis that explored the use of user-generated videos, and graduated in June 2010. Following his graduate studies, he began law school in August 2010. While in law school, he completed a Corporate Counsel Externship/Internship with Viacom’s Country Music Television (CMT) in their Business and Legal Affairs Department in Nashville, TN. He expects to graduate from the University Of Arkansas School Of Law in May 2013 and he hopes to find work in the media.

Chelsea O’Rourke

Chelsea O’Rourke is currently the Senior Production Manager at the Paul F. Harron Studios at Drexel University in Philadelphia, PA. Chelsea is responsible for training students on broadcast production equipment, production standards, maintaining studio efficiency and supervising the creation of programs for broadcast and the Internet. From 2004-2009 Chelsea was the Production Manager and a Producer for Independence Media: MiND TV, formally WYBE, in Philadelphia. At MiND TV Chelsea was responsible for creating over 800 programs in both short and long format and she co-authored MiND’s book, TV Made Easy for MiND Members. Chelsea collaborated with NBC10 to renovate and modernize the MiND TV studios, including production and editing equipment as well as studio layout and design. She also assisted in developing MiND’s first Boot Camp, an intensive video training session. Chelsea was the Producer of featured MiND segments including Frank McCourt Reads, Mt. Kilimanjaro, The Gambrel Recreation Center and The Youth Hockey Foundation. Chelsea was the Director on programs including, musician Jonathan Edwards, Blackthorn, Over the Rhine, The Persuasions, and the live discussion “Ubunto: Growing Up Under Apartheid." Chelsea has done a wide variety of freelance work for group such as, Human + Nature, Cingular Wireless, and Arthur Freed Productions. Chelsea’s documentary “Portrait from a Life in Progress,” on a Polish WWII survivor, was accepted to Philadelphia Stories and Artomatic in addition to being awarded a Color Correct Grant from PIFVA. In continuing with her Drexel career she is a candidate for the Master of Science in Television Management and holds a B.S. in Film and Video (2004) from the University as well. After completion of her Master’s degree Chelsea looks forward to working in the multiplatform world that television is becoming.

Danielle Petoukhoff

Danielle Petoukhoff is currently a graduate student in the Television Management M.S. Program at Drexel University. She graduated in 2011 from Rutgers-Camden School of Business with her B.S. in Management, minoring in Accounting. She plans to extend her graduate degree through the joint MBA program. Danielle is currently pursing an independent business venture, 5one7 Designs, LLC. This has been both a challenging and rewarding experience for her, where she has been able to apply management, marketing, accounting, and finance practices learned in her undergraduate and graduate studies. This has also given her the opportunity to extend her networking, time management, and resource management skills. This venture has given Danielle experience working independently while her graduate studies have allowed her to build a strong capacity for working as part of a team.

Natasha Pinero

I received my B.S. in Social Communications at Monteavila University in Caracas, Venezuela. I did three internships in Venezuela; the first one was at Hener Publishers as a marketing coordinator, the second one at Venevision as a production and editor assistant, and the third one in Latin American Idol as a production assistant. I am currently working at Sprout as the linear Scheduling Analyst Assistant. My future career goal is to work in the Scheduling Department in a Spanish Language Television Network.

Ryan Samtani

Ryan Samtani is a graduate from the University of Leicester in the UK. He majored in Media, Communications and Sociology. He is ethnically Indian but was born and raised in Hong Kong. He has always had a passion for working in Television. Some of his credentials include working for the Dr. Phil show in Los Angeles, as well as interning at CBS 3 Philly in the Public Relations department. Currently, he is a candidate in the M.S. Television Management program, and is working towards making his mark in Production management, Development and Public Relations within the television industry.

Danny Scully

Danny Patrick Scully has held jobs and internships over the years at: Big Sky Editorial, C-SPAN, The International Spy Museum, The Philadelphia City Paper, The Mill Graphic Design House, Ripley's Believe it or Not, as a professional Blogger/photographer New York City Social Sports ClubThe Philadelphia Phantoms, as a Production Assistant for a Rob Zombie short film shoot, and as a web designer for the National Black Programming Consortium. Mr. Scully has B.A.s in both Political Science and Communications from Villanova University, a professional certificate in Film Editing and Motion Graphics from New York University, and started Drexel's M.S. in 2011. He hails from Virginia originally. Mr. Scully interested in all aspects of television but choose to continue his education at Drexel to learn more about content and syndication sales.

Meredith Spinelli

Meredith Spinelli is a candidate for the Master of Science in Television Management program at Drexel University. She received her Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology from The University of Scranton. She works as an On-Air Promotions Coordinator for the NBC Sports Network. Meredith is writing her thesis about social media integration during local television news broadcasts.

Richie Tu

Richie Tu is a candidate for the MS in Television Management. Originally from Australia, he graduated from the University of Sydney with a Bachelor of Science degree in Financial Mathematics and Statistics. His past credentials include working at Network Ten - Sydney as a Research Analyst, interning at PHL17 in Sales and interning at Philadelphia duopoly stations CBS 3 and The CW Philly in Programming and Research. His long-term career goal is to work at a major sports network in the Sales and Research Department.

Huixuan Wang

Huixuan Wang is a Television Management graduate student of Drexel University. Originally from China, he graduated from Tiffin University with a communications major. He had internship at International Investor, which is a syndicated independent TV production in D.C. in 2010. Huixuan Wang performed as co-producer, editor, and marketing researcher during his internship.

Josh Weiner

Josh Weiner graduated from Ithaca College in 2009 with a BS in Television-Radio. He then worked for a year at Regional News Network/Verizon FiOS 1 just outside of New York City. Josh is currently a part-time grad student and the Video On Demand Scheduling Analyst at PBS-Kids Sprout in the Comcast Center.

Liz Yanak

Liz Yanak is a candidate for the Master of Science in Television Management and Master of Business Administration program at Drexel University. She also received her Bachelor of Science degree in Film and Video from Drexel, where she worked as a producer on numerous productions. Liz’s career journey has provided her with cross-platform programming development, live and scripted production, digital asset management, and promotions experience in the creative services, television, and higher education fields. Currently, Liz is an Assignment Editor and Media Manager with NBC Philadelphia.She has completed her coursework for the dual degree program, and is now in the process of finishing her thesis on primetime block branding in television, with a focus on the phenomenon of NBC’s “Must See TV” brand. Liz’s passion for television began at a young age, and she looks forward to continuing her career in the ever-evolving media industry.

Jingyi Yang

Jingyi Yang is a first year graduate student in Television Management at Drexel University. She is a Chinese and received her Bachelor degree in Journalism from Minzu University of China in 2011. During that four-year program and intern experiences both in several TV stations and independent production companies, she became increasingly interested and proficient in TV production. In addition to her academic studies, she spent most of her free time watching movies especially documentary films. What’s more, during the undergraduate study, she produced several short social documentary films. She thinks this kind of film doesn’t express points of view directly, but it always has the magic to make audiences think. She insists that one of the most important responsibilities for media is to make people take a look at our real world, no matter from which angle they view it. Now she is working towards M.S. in Television Management with the goal of becoming a creative or producer of entertainment programming or documentary film.

Mingyao Zhao

Minting Zhao has held internships and jobs over the years at MTV Networks, Comedy Central, The Collective Digital Studio, and PHL 17. With a B.A. in TV Production and minor in Photography from Emerson College, Minting joined the Television Management Program at Drexel University in 2010 with a goal of becoming a TV programmer or production manager at a broadcast or cable TV network.

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