The Professional Internship in the Television Management Program

The Television Management Graduate Program believes in the value of experiential learning. TVMN students find internships in a variety of television and related media companies where they learn by doing.

Philadelphia is the fourth largest television market and TVMN students have found internships with Comcast corporate, Comcast SportsNet, PBS/Sprout, NBC Sports Channel, all of the owned and operated stations of ABC, NBC, CBS, CW, FOX and the Tribune corporation, and independent and public television stations. Students have worked at Discovery Channel, Sony, MTV Networks, the FCC, and Sesame Workshop, to name a few venues.

What follows is a description of the professional internship in the words of the students who have experienced and learned from it.

Die Ruan

Die Ruan - Elwyn

Elwyn, founded in 1852, is one of the oldest and largest care facilities in the United States, serving disabled and disadvantaged individuals for over 130 years.

Assisting with Elwyn’s Karen Krivit, my program director of this internship, to film a series of “How To Tell” videos including helping families recognize the signs of autism and guide them how to bring this concern up to their child's doctor. Our team will film another instructional video for Latino families to help Spanish speaking families better understand their child's autism. This video is linked to the up-and-coming support group, "Familia, Familia!" where Elwyn SEEDS will be providing a Spanish training series focused on behavior and self regulation for Latino families in North Philadelphia.

Huiming Zhang

Huiming Zhang - CBS3

I am interning in Creative Service department of CBS3 and the general objective of my internship is to shadow members of creative service department to learn how to create graphics, promotions, and commercials in support of our station’s ratings and revenue goals. To be specific, I have participated in the production of many promotional videos, shooting for different shows and projects both in the studio and outside studio. In the meanwhile, I have observed and learned the skills of video editing, including how to tag syndication shows, how to use Final Cut Prto, After Effects and Motion to produce promos, etc.. Moreover, I also have practiced teaser writing for our daily local news and learned how to pick topics that need to be promoted each day. Through the interning, I have the chance to observe how the television station operates and hopefully I can learn more about management skills in the future.

Xinting Wan

Xinting Wan - Framed on Madison

Framed on Madison (FoM), a frame company with a 68 years history in New York City, brings the art of framing photos to its customers. It plans to launch its online shop to expand its business in 2014.

As the UI/UX Designer, my major job is to design webpages for its website and mobile site, as well as promotional emails for marketing strategy. My duty is to make the user experience as simple and efficient as possible. To be more specific, I am responsible for designing the layout, curating pictures and photos, choosing fonts and font size, making icons and buttons. Since it involves plenty of practical work, I’ve learnt a lot about UI/UX knowledge from this internship. I’m very glad that I can have the freedom to design, share my opinions and join the discussion with my supervisor.

Rai Hai

Rai Hai - Nancy Glass Productions

Rai Hai has an internship at Nancy Glass Productions (NGP), a production company that works collaboratively with several networks such as Food Network, National Geography, Travel Channel and Discovery. The cable shows they are currently working on are Save My Bakery, Tanked and Dangerous Ground.

Chelsea O'Rourke

Chelsea O'Rourke - DUTV

I am working at DUTV and the Paul F. Harron studios for my internship.  My tasks include managing the students, undergraduate and graduate, who attend trainings and internships at DUTV during the quarter.  I am providing assistance with camera operations, editing and standards compliance.  I look forward to discussing possible thesis topics with my manager and growing our conversations into a comprehensive plan of completing my credits.

Fengwei Gu

Fengwei Gu - Fox26 KIRV Houston

This week is my second week at Fox26, KIRV in Houston. I rotate through departments at the station and my first department is the news department, which I believe is the most important department in the station. Morning news on the station starts at 4:00 am and ends at 11:00am. There are two meetings each weekday: at the 9:30 A.M. meeting we decide what kind of news will be aired in late afternoon and at the 2:00 P.M. meeting we decide what kind of news will be aired in the evening.  Normally each meeting has 12 to 16 reporters in the room with the news director who is in charge of all the daily news.  My second department was sales, which I believe is the second most important department in the TV station. The situation is that people are watching less and less TV every year, so the commercial revenue is less and less each year too. The ABC affiliate is the first TV station in Houston market based on revenue, and Fox26 is the second.

Keyang Li

Keyang Li - Creative Video

Creative Video has a very diversified twenty-year background in video and major market television production, servicing clients including, Bowl Games of America, Allstate Sugar Bowl, Indy500, Discover Orange Bowl Sony Music, IBM, University of Pennsylvania, Youth Education in the Arts, BDP International, Hollywood Christmas Parade, Blogworld & New Media Expo, and several others.

This internship involves creating visual elements for use in motion-based artwork, printed DVD covers and social media campaigns. We are going to launch a new project of Video Business Card – Vidbi, the team has six to seven members, I am in charge of the graphic design and create visual elements for use in motion-based artwork. In addition, I also attend meetings for web design process.

Kelsey Hanley

Kelsey Hanley - CBS-3 KYW Philly

For the Spring 2014 semester I am completing an internship with CBS-3 KYW Philly in the Public Affairs department, which handles the public relations and communications aspects of the station. I could not be more excited to have the opportunity to intern at CBS-3 and see the inner workings of a television station. I have the pleasure of working alongside the Vice President of Public Affairs and the Manager of Public Affairs.

Although I just recently started an internship at CBS-3, I’ve jumped right into the Public Affairs department. I’ve drafted two press releases on the ‘Kidcaster Search with Meteorologist Kathy Orr’ and the St. Patrick’s Day parade, and I’m in charge of managing the inventory of Public Service Announcements, which consists of reviewing and logging new ones into the system. Later in the semester, I’ll be assisting the Vice President and Manager in the planning and coordination of the annual Ronald McDonald House Charities Phone Bank, a 14-hour on-air fundraiser live across CBS-3 and CW57 stations on March 25.

The perks I’ve experienced as an intern at CBS-3 go well beyond what I was expecting. I’ve had the opportunity to sit in on live newscasts, and live segments of Talk Philly in both the studio and control room, and witness the workings of the assignment desk during a breaking news event. I also sat through a taped segment of an interview with Kit Harrington of Game of Thrones for an upcoming segment of Talk Philly!

The staff at CBS could not be a more lively and welcoming bunch, making me feel at home even on in my first few weeks as an intern. I can’t wait to see what’s in store for the rest of my semester at CBS-3.

Arielle Gelman

Arielle Gelman - Seacrest Studios

Seacrest Studios is part of the department of Child Life initiatives at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. The studio encompasses multimedia, program licensing and production of new original shows for the hospital wide closed-circuit television network, Galaxy 51, management and staffing for Seacrest Studios and new media development. The internship provides opportunities to have hands-one work with all facets of media production, including DJ-ing/hosting shows, conducting guest interviews, creating show content, running camera, running the switcher, editing and designing graphic animations.

During this internship I hope to accomplish an on-air interview, successfully participate and observe studio activities for a thesis and create a promo for the studio to use. These three goals will further my education as I will use skills and concepts learned to the classroom and apply them to this unique field.

Yumeng Xiao

Yumeng Xiao - China-US Chamber of Commerce

I'm currently working at an NGO named China-U.S. Chamber of Commerce. The organization is somewhere like a PR company. It helps Chinese entrepreneurs who work in America build their networks and introducing opportunities both in U.S and China by holding some events. My duty is produce promotion video, update daily news on social media and develop relationship with local Chinese media. The company built good relationship with several important Chinese media like Asian Television, Sinovision Net and even the Xinhua News Agency, which is one of the most official news agency in China. I found this internship very attractive. I can also get involved with event planning occasionally.

Brittany Buschel

Brittany Buschel - QVC

Before becoming a full time employee at QVC, as an Online Marketing Coordinator, I had interned within the department for eight months, and I cannot express enough the amount of learning’s and knowledge I gained. An internship with QVC’s Online Marketing team was an amazing opportunity while in school, working to receive my graduate degree while gaining hands on-the-job experience at a top local company. As an Online Marketing Intern, I helped support the paid and natural search areas. This included, updating and building out new and existing PPC advertising campaigns, updating lists of keywords and urls for search and partner campaigns, running daily/weekly/monthly reports for paid search program, performing analysis for the team of existing campaigns and well as brushed up my skills within excel, access and data analysis. Although I discovered that paid search was not the area where I wanted to continue my career path in, this internship ultimately lead me to Affiliate Marketing, which is the field I am passionate about and specialize within today. Not only did the internship lead me to my current employment opportunity, but also provided me with an in-depth knowledge base concerning all of online marketing and the vast possibilities the field has to offer both television and business.

Shengrui Wang - Sesame Workshop

The internship at Sesame Workshop is one of the greatest experiences I’ve had, studying in the United States.

The working environment is so lively: the floors are covered by carpets of rainbow colors. At every turn you take in the office, you might encounter a Sesame Street Character, Grover sitting in the sofa, Abby waving her wand on the wall or Oscar the Grouch leaning on the trashcan. People are friendly, happy and enjoy what they do. That’s indeed the magic of Sesame Street-making you enjoy working no matter how close the deadline is or how tightly meetings are scheduled.

An idea came to me after a few months I studied at Drexel, that I want to work for children’s television. Professors at Drexel told me if you want to do children’s television, you’ve got to watch Sesame Street. They were right. I felt in love with it right away. Sesame Street is such a good educational television show for children, with its own unique humor and educational curricula. Children are assured to gain knowledge and meanwhile have fun by watching the show. I set my heart for Sesame Street since then.

A producer at Center City Film and Video, a production company based in Philadelphia, recommended me to a lady working at the Special Projects department of Sesame Workshop. Through a telephone interview, I told them about my thesis project, which is about including Chinese culture into domestic Sesame Street. Luckily, I got the opportunity.

At work, because I speak Mandarin so that opens more opportunities to meet people since Sesame has its co-production in China. The Sesame China team came to New York for the training of their puppeteers and wrangler during April 2010. I got the opportunity to work as a translator for the wrangler. One week of training at the Henson Workshop gave me some basic knowledge of how puppets are made, prepared and maintained. Later on, I participated in the script review session for Sesame China, helping with cultural and language consulting. Recently, I did the market research for Sesame Street Chinese, a new project aiming at teaching Chinese to children in America.

All these observations and practices have greatly advanced the development of my thesis. Through a curriculum, scripts, and a new puppet character that I designed, the project will endeavor to address the close relationship between Chinese and American societies with the goal of fostering friendly attitudes towards Chinese and other foreign cultures.

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