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Runaway (Udhao) OFFICIAL TRAILER by David Diperstein

David Diperstein from Westphal College on Vimeo.

Description: Tagline: Some men run from their pasts, while others chase it. Synopsis: The chaotic city of Dhaka brings dreams of riches to many villagers of Bangladesh where it is common for men to leave their families behind to seek fame and fortune. Akbar seeks the ultimate ambition of climbing to the top of the government by any means. His world is quickly turned upside down when Babu, a mysterious rickshaw driver with an unknown agenda, kidnaps him and forces him face his past and the family he left behind. In a journey spanning time and space, the two men explore their own ambitions and struggles. What would be a routine job for Babu turns into a desperate race to convince Akbar to admit his past and redeem his soul before their pursuers catch up.