David Schwartz

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Assistant Teaching Professor
University Crossing, 047
Phone: 856-216-0694
Fax: 856-216-0694

Dave Schwartz has been working in film and video for twenty-eight years. At various times in his career he has worked as a grip, sound-person, camera operator, director of photography, editor and director. After deciding to concentrate primarily on camera work, Dave has dedicated himself to becoming proficient in as many different methods of moving the camera as possible. He has flown them from helicopters, taken them underwater, hoisted them on cranes and jibs, and floated them on his personal favorite device, the Steadicam. He has worked on feature films, television series, music videos, live broadcasts, and commercials. Some of the local projects that he has worked on include the feature films The Woodsman and Shadowboxer, and the television series Hack.

B.A English with Concentration in Writing, Rider University