Adrienne Mackay

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Adjunct - Voice and Diction
Phone: 215-895-2451

Adrienne Mackey is a director who creates original and compelling theater using the power of the human voice and the forms of the human body. Her theater work covers areas ranging from quantum physics (SURVIVE!), pop culture (Purr, Pull, Reign) American history (Owning Up to the Corn and The Ballad of Joe Hill), to Greek mythology (Echo), classic literature (The Master and Margarita at Mum Puppettheatre) and racial tensions within her hometown of Philadelphia (Recitatif, Philadelphia Live Arts Festival 2007). In Philadelphia in 2006-2007 she was awarded the CEC’s New Edge Residency in Theater. Adrienne is a classically trained soprano and her study of alternative use of voice work has taken her to France’s Roy Hart Voice Centre and to the Netherlands and Turkey with Stemmwerk Voice Theater. In 2008 she was awarded the Independence Foundation Fellowship to train in theater and voice with Roy Hart affiliated Pantheatre.