Nicole Koltick

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Nicole Koltick
Assistant Professor
URBN Center, 4A20A

Nicole is an Assistant Professor at Drexel University in the Department of Architecture + Interiors. Nicole coordinates the technology coursework and digital initiatives in the Interiors Design undergraduate and Interior Architecture and Design graduate programs. Nicole received an M. Arch. from UCLA and a BFA, in Art with University Honors from Carnegie Mellon University. Nicole is a principal of the transdicsiplinary design firm, lutz/koltick. Nicole’s current research interests include: future speculation, robotics, computation, artificial intelligence and interactive environments. Nicole is interested in exploring the boundaries between technology, science, the “natural”, the built environment and its inhabitants. Nicole works with complex and fantastical narratives as well as multi-agent systems and advanced computational strategies to envision new landscapes, environments and territories for inhabitation. Nicole recently traveled to sites in Kazakhstan and Ukraine including Chernobyl with the Unknown Fields Division a research initiative led by a group from the Architectural Association in London. The research team was looking to identify opportunities for tactical intervention and speculative invention that will be chronicled in a publication and touring exhibition. Together they examined the never-never lands between cultivation and nature and plan to spin cautionary tales of a new kind of wilderness.

M. Arch., UCLA; BFA, Carnegie Mellon University