Michael Glaser

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Michael Glaser
Product Design Program Director, Assistant Professor
URBN Center, 270A
Phone: 215-571-3506

Mike Glaser is a leader in the global design community. He brings twenty plus years of design experiences and expertise to Drexel University. He holds an MFA from The Ohio State University and a Bachelor's in Industrial Design from University of Cincinnati. Mike has taught design at several institutions including The Ohio State University, Savannah College of Art and Design and the Georgia Institute of Technology.

In addition to Mike’s pedagogical pursuits he has a long career of developing products and design strategies for Hewlett-Packard, Ciba Corning, Data General, Telxon, Texas Instruments, Whal Clippers, and others. Mike was previously Director of the Design at Ignition in Plano, TX as well as crucial force in launching two independent design firms.

Mike's current focus is on educating designers and non-designers alike in developing techniques that induce the creation of novel ideas, facilitating innovation through a visual problem solving process. Mike’s current research is in quantifying the designer’s intuition. Mike has recently been collaborating with other artists on interactive instillation that look at the interplay between digital and physical forms and serves as a celebration of the innate human desire to shape our surroundings.

MFA, The Ohio State University;BS, Industrial Design, University of Cincinnati