Heather Foster

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Heather Foster
Adjunct Assistant Professor
Director of Social and Online Media, Harmelin Media

Heather began her career at Harris & Drutt in Philadelphia. She then moved to Harmelin Media, where she worked in both traditional and online media.

While on the traditional media side, Heather played a leading role on Harmelin’s radio negotiation team. She played a key role in the startup of Harmelin’s online media department, and was later tasked with the development of a dedicated social media practice for the agency. Today, Heather serves as a media director within the department.

She has managed online planning and buying efforts for several categories, including retail, travel and tourism, government, entertainment, healthcare, media and QSR.

Additionally, Heather is an adjunct instructor at Temple University’s Department of Advertising, where she teaches a course in Interactive Media Planning to undergraduate students.

Heather is a graduate of The College of Wooster in Ohio, where she holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Russian Studies.