Anda Dubinskis

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Anda Dubinskis
Drawing Area Coordinator
Assistant Teaching Professor
Paul Peck Problem Solving & Research Center, 115C
Phone: 215-895-2546

2012 Invitational Portfolio Community Supported Arts Program, Philadelphia, PA
2012 Permanent Installation, WHAT'S IN THE WATER, Academy of Natural Sciences
2012 CSA ARTISTS, URBN Navy Yard, Philadelphia, PA
2013 A TALE OF TWO CITIES, Philadelphia, PA
2013 CSA PRINTS, , Second State Press, Crane Arts, Philadelphia 2013 NATURE'S LIBRARY, City Hall, Philadelphia, PA

MFA, University of Pennsylvania;BFA, Cooper Union for the Advancement of Science and Art

Professional Societies:
FATE- Foundations In Art: Theory and Education