Rick Dorfman

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Rick Dorfman
Adjunct Instructor

Rick Dorfman began his management career almost 20 years ago. He quickly became recognized as one of the top young executives in the comedy business due to his success as both a personal manager and television producer. He began his career working at a small management company in New York City and got involved in the careers of such comedians as Dave Chapelle, Jay Mohr and Wanda Sykes just to name a few.

Rick is credited with discovering Darrell Hammond and within a year of signing Darrell had him as a cast member of Saturday Night Live. Rick also discovered Greg Giraldo and secured his first television deal with Greg at ABC, which became the sitcom Common Law. In 1998 Rick began his own company and began securing numerous television deals for his clients. During this time he represented some of the top comedians in the business including Richard Jeni, Kathleen Madigan, Mario Cantone, Ed Helms & Demitri Martin.

After nearly 8 years of running his own company Rick joined forces with Jonathan Baruch to form Rain Management Group, a multi-platformed management, consulting and production company. In addition to the daily representation of well known actors, comedians, writers, directors and personalities Rain Management has emerged as one of the most forward thinking, comprehensive media companies in the business today. Recognizing the rapid changes in the entertainment industry Rick has been proactive in finding new revenue streams and teaching clients how to effectively approach the fragmentation of the market place through branding, merchandising, licensing, touring and other entrepreneurial methods. Rick is focused on the continued success of Rain Management Group's consulting and new media business division.