The Penn Mutual Life Insurance Company

Presenting Sponsor of Vision 2020


Penn Mutual Life Insurance Company: Helping Women Achieve Equality through Financial Security

The Penn Mutual Life Insurance Company, headquartered in suburban Philadelphia, was founded in 1847 with an overriding commitment to help clients achieve a lifetime of financial security.Throughout its history, the company has remained clearly focused on the future and assuring that clients – both men and women – have the opportunity to realize their goals and dreams.

Over the past several decades, there has been tremendous change in women’s stature in society primarily due to education and career advancement opportunities.For example, 59% of all post-high school degrees go to women, and 60% of all wives with MBAs out-earn their husbands.Women are not only 51% of the population, but they are 43% of top wealth holders and influence 95% of all total U.S. purchasing power.

Remarkably, most women report that they are not confident about their finances, nor have they planned for their future, which is why we created our initiative for women named – WORTH….take charge…it’s your financial future, and the resources available through it, helps to educate women on the significant value their contributions make to home and family, and encourages them to take charge of their financial futures.

According to results of our recent annual WORTH survey, women who actively plan their financial future - including owning individual life insurance – feel better about themselves, are more self-confident, and are more likely to take care of themselves.And, the data from our survey indicate that women who own life insurance are more confident that they will achieve their life goals.

Our commitment to helping ensure the financial future of women remains strong.This is why we are especially proud to be the presenting sponsor of Vision 2020 and applaud the work they are doing to advance the goals of women.We are excited and energized as Vision 2020 completes what the suffragists began nine decades ago to enable future generations of women realize their dreams and make a stronger future for everyone.

“For a woman to achieve true equality, she must first value herself enough to secure her own financial future, and then protect the future of those she cares about most,” says Eileen McDonnell, Executive Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer for Penn Mutual.