R.C. Johnson

RC Johnson updated headshot

R.C. Johnson

Casper, Wyoming


Johnson, MA, CCC-SLP is a speech/language pathologist by profession who uses her communication skills as a leadership tool in her city of Casper and her state of Wyoming.  R.C. is State President of Wyoming AAUW, Chair of the Natrona County Democrats, Political Action Chair of the Casper NAACP and a major developer of programs and resolutions for the Casper League of Women Voters.  After serving as the principle facilitator of the Wyoming wage gap workshops in support of the state initiative of past Wyoming delegate, Juanita Unhoch, R.C. is now dedicating herself to her own state initiative of policy change to obtain equality for women and girls in Wyoming.  To achieve the policy changes she envisions, R.C. has revised her action plan to employ every opportunity to:

  • present her interactive show entitled “The Culture of Inequality” as the opener for discussions about the deeply ingrained practices of gender inequity;
  • access gatherings of women at such events as the Back-to-School Bash and the Wyoming Women’s Expo to raise awareness of the status of women and girls in Wyoming and recruit others to support her state initiative and the goals of Vision 2020;
  • tap the potential of existing groups whose mission and operation suggest collaboration