Women: Back to the Future (Petticoats in Politics)

Delegate: Kate Campbell Stevenson
State: Maryland


  As part of the State Initiative, Campbell Stevenson is using Women: Back to the Future  Leadership Theater programs to motivate women and girls to seek leadership positions in their personal, school, civic, and professional lives. Powerful first person portrayals through music, monologue and poetry provide strong women role models from history with lessons in leadership for today. If you see it-you can be it!  program options also include Petticoats in Politics  and the new series  Forging Frontiers: Women Leaders in STEM-- featuring historical and contemporary women in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math. ( This new series began in 2013 in partnership with Women of NASA/Goddard and Maryland Women's Heritage Center.)  All performances include Vision 2020 goals and/or workshops and deliver effective tools to empower new women and girl leaders.

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