The Center for Women and Families Prevention Program

Julie Pogue Delegate: Julie Pogue
State: Kentucky


Everyone has a role to play in ending violence against women. Our vision is to live in community free of power-based personal violence; a community where women are not afraid to walk down the street; a community where violence is not tolerated. To get there, we must create a Louisville where every person is an active bystander, where people know how to engage in a new behavior that will make violence less sustainable in the long run. We will create a community that knows how to intervene when signs of intimate partner violence and sexual assault begin, as people learn to transform from inactive to active bystanders.

The Center for Women and Families has provided safety and support to people affected by intimate partner violence and sexual assault in the Louisville, Kentucky region for over 100 years. Partnering with Vision 2020’s initiative will move beyond our mission of serving victims to reach for our vision of eliminating violence in our communities.

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