The 19th Amendment in the 21st Century:

Large Lessons for Once and Future Feminists

Delegate: Susan Scanlan
State: Virginia



The goal Scanlan’s Vision 2020 State Initiative is to:
• Inform and excite girls and young women ages 13 to 18 about the suffragist movement so they understand the right to vote was hard earned and should be cherished.
• Recognize that history can and has been changed by women (and men) who stood up to prejudice, ignorance, social convention, and political power.
• Appreciate and remember the unconventional tactics, overriding strategies, and refusal to accept defeat that won the franchise for half the country’s population.
The short-term objective is to develop an outline of materials to be included in a suffragists history lesson.  The mid-term objective is to prepare a working draft of the materials for review by teachers, education specialists, historians, and students and to develop alliances with educational media, women’s groups, and social media specialists to determine the best ways to access the targeted audience. 
The long-term objective is to launch an electronic history lesson that makes the suffragists’ story come to life for young women and girls by Women’s Equality Day, Aug. 26, 2012, reaching a large audience through a range of media.

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