Policy Matters

Delegate:  R.C. Johnson
State:  Wyoming


For her Vision 2020 State Initiative, R.C. Johnson is developing a collaborative, multi-faceted and multi-year project called Policy Matters.  The initiative is designed to address the public and private sector policies and practices that establish, support and maintain women’s inequality within the State of Wyoming.  As the newly elected Wyoming AAUW president and Vision 2020 delegate, Johnson will spearhead collaboration with the League of Women Voters and other National Allies as lead players directing change in the existing policies of inequity.  The collaboration will be the principle source of new guidelines promoting the rights and the status of women and girls.  In full awareness of the massive undertaking, Johnson is planning a major conference for peers, colleagues and leaders in the spring of 2013.  The gathering will involve women and men from across the state coming fully prepared to dialogue and negotiate with public and private leaders on the policies and practices that discriminate against women and tend to foster the condition of inequity in Wyoming.  The spring conference will also be geared to developing a plan of action to solve problems in such areas as pay equity, voter rights, health, and affordable, quality child care as an economic engine--not just a collateral extension of education.  Johnson’s initiative will seek to push past the current gender norms in the state to ensure that every concerned citizen is educated on their rights and has a voice that can be heard by policy makers.  Her initiative will assist women and men attain leadership as effective advocates for equality in the Equality State.  By addressing policy matters, Johnson looks to advance the status of women and girls while expanding the broad-based economic growth of the state.


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