Leadership Institute for Political Impact (LIPI)

Delegate: Carla Oleska
State: Massachusetts



As part of her Vision 2020 State Initiative, Oleska is offering women, particularly from the four western counties of Massachusetts, a full educational experience that builds the necessary skill sets as well as the confidence level to run for and hold onto leadership positions in politics, board service and/or their own professions, and, as a result, increase the numbers of women in such positions. An equally important objective is to build a network of women leaders representing the western area of the state.

The short-term goal is to facilitate the production of state policy that reflects the needs of Massachusetts women, girls, and their families and communities, to increase community-based participation in policy formation and implementation, to build the capacity of participants to use policy and legislative processes to address problems, and to strengthen relationships and collaboration among social justice organizations and women’s groups in western Massachusetts. 
The long-term goal is to improve the lives of all people in western Massachusetts communities, to create cadres of women in the four counties with recognized leadership expertise, to increase the numbers of women across western Massachusetts running for public office at all levels to 50% by 2016, and to increase the numbers of women holding leadership and/or executive positions in public service, on corporate and/or not-for-profit boards, and in the largest employers in the region to 50% by 2020.

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